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Why did no one thank God for helping with the fire

The “Luck helps a lot” headline on the Wednesday, Oct. 6, front page, was an eye-catcher. The article was a great coverage on the Chuck Park Fire. Very informative, and the photos were awesome, especially the small one of the setting sun, on the front cover, which was a wonderful artistic expression of the fire.

But all in all, there was something missing, an element that was much more than just luck, that had a big part in the play of events that had taken place. For there wasn’t any mention about all the prayers that were offered up, in the need of protection, wisdom, and intervention on the behalf for all of nature involved. Out of need and fear, many voices were expressed on that same day the fire had started, calling onto God, “Help ! we need you .” And that occurred not only in our county, but from Summit and elsewhere.

What began to be exciting, was how things fell into place, that gave the sense, that the whole situation was under control. From all the firefighters on hand, the air tankers overhead, to the calm winds. Many people all over felt a sense of peace, that things will be taken care of, especially when the fire remained in on itself, even though it was not contained. That there was something great happening, and God had a hand in this.. This was a drama and a lesson to behold, and the excitement to have witness this. To be saved from what could have happened, instead we were blessed.

What got me and to a lot of people I had talked to, was the exclusion of God from the event of the fire. No mention at all, where there should be praise and thanksgiving. And to God we want to give Him the honor what we had recognized that week. Love and peace.

Gloria Dawn Schrop


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