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Why does the west end of Grand County always get short shrift?

To the Editor:

I see in the August 31 edition of the Sky-Hi Daily News that the closing of the Kremmling Landfill has been scheduled for the end of 2009 but the Granby Landfill will remain open until the Transfer Station has been completed.

Why is it that the western part of Grand County always gets the short end of the stick? No matter what decisions are made, the moneyed eastern part of Grand County benefits.

Assuming the reason for such a decision is economic; perhaps the powers-that-be who are responsible for the action do not realize the consequences in non-economic areas. Let me tell you what will happen.

We lived in Park County for almost 20 years and in the last decade we were there the powers-that-be and environmentalists decided that using dumps in rural areas was bad for the environment and they proceeded to close the one near Fairplay. We lived in the vicinity of Alma and immediately saw the consequences firsthand.

Every time we took walks in the woods around county road 12 where we resided, we saw more and more ravines and slopes piled full of debris … things that would have normally been hauled to the dump and disposed of properly began filling up every ravine and empty area possible. In that area were absolutely gorgeous woods that quickly became dumping grounds because people had nowhere else to take their junk.

This will happen here, especially in the Kremmling area. It is a long way to Granby to take your garbage and other throwaways. For areas outside Kremmling proper, i.e. Old Park and people all up Highway 134, at least 15 miles or more from the Kremmling dump, there is no garbage pickup as in Kremmling proper.

Where do you think all the people up here and others from all over the entire area will take their garbage? I can hardly wait for old cars, furniture and other junk to turn this area into the dump like what happened in Park County.

Shannon Moore