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Why doesn’t recycling work in Grand County?

To the Editor:

After numerous visits to our landfill outside of Granby to recycle I am at a loss for many answers to my questions. Notice that I am asking for answers NOT excuses.

– Why am I beating the life out of my vehicle on this poorly maintained road to recycle products? Isn’t there a better location ?

– Why are there not other locations to recycle?

– Why can’t we recycle glass? It is one of the most recyclable products known to mankind.

– Could it be that all of these bins are a “front” and all of this recyclable product ends up in our landfill?

– Why does Steamboat Springs have bins conveniently located at their Safeway store?

Yes I have heard the blathering of the local officials with their excuses about the recycling issue.

The crux of the matter is that we are one of the few communities in the NATION that does not offer their residents an easy way to recycle products that are indeed very recyclable.

With all of the beauty around us and the “Green” attitude of a majority of the residents I have a hard time believing that we can’t find a way to make this work.

We used to have convenient locations in Fraser and Granby years ago. It seemed to work then as both a place to recycle and a place for those in need of fulfilling their community service hours.

If other municipalities in Colorado and around the world can make recycling work, why can’t Grand County?

Dave Corbin


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