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Why I’m voting for Romanoff

Sky-Hi News columnist Felicia Muftic recently wrote in support of Michael Bennet for U.S. Senate, saying there was a “muddled” insider/outsider picture and “Bennet was deemed by national party leaders to have great appeal to Colorado moderate swing voters.” I would like to respond by saying why I support Andrew Romanoff.

I don’t see any muddle about a Washington insider versus a Colorado outsider. Bennet was chosen by “national party leaders” after just a decade here, while Romanoff worked hard to become the first Democratic speaker of our Colorado House of Representatives in 30 years. Romanoff has been coming to our county and talking at our local party meetings for more than a decade; Bennet, until recently, only came up to ski. Bennet is taking PAC money, Romanoff isn’t.

Because of Bennet’s huge (6-1) money advantage, you will see a big ad blitz against Romanoff these next couple of months. Instead of falling for the ads, please ask yourself two questions: Who will best support your interests, and who can win in November?

History is a good guide on the first question. While Romanoff was working for us as House speaker, Bennet was making millions running a Denver hedge fund. Romanoff’s accomplishments include Referendum C and other bipartisan work on education, campaign finance reform and the environment. Bennet touts his position on the Senate Finance Committee, but what has he actually accomplished? Not much, except becoming one of the Senate’s 10 biggest recipients of financial industry donations in his first year.

Who’s the strongest candidate? As Felicia pointed out, “Romanoff, articulate and charismatic, is a veteran of Statehouse politics” while Bennet is a novice. So who would best handle this fall’s inevitable Republican attacks? For anyone who’s watched them debate, comparing Romanoff’s crisp answers to Bennet’s ramblings, it’s not a close call. But it’s an important one, since a weak candidate losing our state could turn the Senate Republican.

Finally, as Felicia notes, President Obama endorsed Bennet. Yet I and most of Obama’s Grand County grassroots volunteers support Romanoff. Why? Because it is Romanoff who truly embodies that spirit of hope and change and, quite frankly, we resent the president’s meddling in our affairs.

Much is at stake in this primary. To help decide, undecided voters should watch a debate or come to a monthly Democratic county meeting (the next two are July 7 and Aug. 4 at the Granby library). Most importantly, once you have the facts, please decide for yourself. I’m confident we’ll make the right decision.

Rick Edelson


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