Winners of the Scary Story Contest from the Juniper Library in Grand Lake |

Winners of the Scary Story Contest from the Juniper Library in Grand Lake

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“A Scary Halloween Story”

By Rowan A Kern


The vampire’s eyes were gleaming red.

He was very scary. His mouth had bad teeth. He snuck into a little boy’s room. The vampire scared the boy. The boy screamed for his mom, but his mom was too asleep.

The vampire really ate the boy. He went into another girl’s room. He at the girl, but not

right that second.

First, he scared her. He ate the girl. It was almost daytime then. Mom woke and came to look for her kids. They weren’t there. They had turned into vampires. They turned into bats and flew away with the large vampire.

“The Haunted House”

By Cameron Dellamano

First grade

Once upon a time, there was a haunted house and then there was a guy going to the haunted house. He went in and the door shut. Then, there were ghosts all around him and then there were pictures, thousands and thousands of pictures. All of their eyes were moving on the pictures. Then, there was a last scary door and as the guy walked toward the door, the floor went “creak, creak, creak.”

Every time he stepped on the floor it would go creak and then the door went creak.

The door opened and then there was a horrible, terrible scary monster staring at him and he had thousands of ghosts all around him. Then, when he looked behind him, there was another monster getting ready to eat him and then they were both staring at each other.

And then right before he could run away from both monsters, some mummies came all around him and they were all around the house. Then, vampires started to come around the house. Well, then the guy ducked and the two monsters started to fight each other and then all the mummies came in and then the guy ducked and climbed over them and then he managed to escape.

“Plant Food”

By Kelly Helming

Second grade

Once, there was a plant who ate bugs and that was all he ate at all. Except people.

He was very mean. The very first person he ate was named Peter. He used to live with his grandma, too. She was the second person he ate. The first bug he ate was a bee.

Nobody would ever go near the plant again. So, the plant started walking near them.

Soon, everybody and all of the bugs were dead.

“The Survivors”

By Madison King

Third grade

Once a little girl and her mother were going on a walk in the misty morning in the forest at the same time a witch was trying to find someone to eat. She was the meanest witch in the world!!! On the way back to the witch’s house she saw the little girl’s house. There was a gate that was as tall as a tree and she couldn’t find the entrance to the gate so she decided to hunt the owner to make them into a roast. So when she got to her house she saw the little girl and her mother. She decided to wash them and put them in her roast and the little girl was her favorite, she laughed and said it looks like you will be good for the roast and walked away. The mother and the little girl were very scared when all of the sudden the little girl had and idea, “we can jump out the window and run home as fast as we can”, she said. So the mother did exactly what the little girl said and she followed her mother until they got inside their house. The cat in their house was talking and the cat said “You are lucky you are alive normally the people that go near her or in her cabin usually die so you are truly lucky that you are alive”. We definitely know that, we almost got put in her little girl and mother soup. And they lived happily ever after. This is a preview of an upcoming attraction. The End of this story. And to be continued…

“Halloween Town”

By Damien Kern

Fourth grade

One Halloween night, an unfortunate kid named Damien was trick-or-treating with his friends, Max and Jesse.

They ran a door bell. A tall lady answered the door. The lady filled their bags with candy.

“Thank you,” they said. They walked across the street and rang the next door bell.

This time, a tall, skinny man answered the door. He gave them each three chocolate hearts.

“Made them myself,” he said. Max took a bite and told the man he was a good cook.

Then, they went to Jesse’s house and sorted their candy.

Jesse’s mom opened the door.

“Hot chocolates ready,” Jesse’s mom told Damien his mother had phoned and he

had to go home after his hot chocolate. Damien sadly said goodbye and left. He started walking through the woods to his house. He had a good time, but that would all end soon. He wished every day was Halloween.

Suddenly, Damien tripped over a root of a tree. He fell toward the tree, and it opened up. He kept on falling down, down, down into the darkness.

Thud. Damien hit the ground.

“Where am I?” Damien moaned.

“You are in Halloween Town,” a voice answered. Damien jumped back, terrified. A skeleton was standing right in front of him. His name was Jack. He asked Damien if he was human. Damien liked Jack.

Suddenly, the ground started to moan. Ghosts started popping up and chasing Damien. Jack said something, but Damien was too far away to hear. A ghost-dog popped out of the grave. It had a collar that read, Zero. The small dog chased away three of the ghosts. But, then a ghost threw him into an empty grave. Damien felt sad for the ghost dog, but he had other problems to deal with. The ghosts had chased him into a vampire’s lair. Damien ran in, the ghosts were too scared to follow. He walked slowly up to one of the bedrooms. Instead of beds, there were coffins. Unexpectedly, one of the coffines popped open.

“We want to suck your blood,” the vampire said. Damien heard the door shut behind him. Then, he heard a faint voice. It sounded like Jack. He heard someone walking up the stairs. The door whooshed open and Jack came in and screamed at the vampires.

“You will not suck the blood of this boy,” Jack yelled. The vampires descended into their coffins. Jack walked Damien back into the forest. There were three trees. Each on had a picture. One was a house, one had a Christmas tree and the other one had a pumpkin. Jack said goodbye and pushed Damien into the tree with the house on it.

Damien fell into a swirly mist. Thud. He hit the ground. He was back in his woods.

“That was one wild night,” he said to himself. He started walking hom, carefully avoiding roots. When he got home he slipped on his pajamas and went to bed.


By Thomas Bruton

Fifth grade

“You disobeyed me once, no you must pay the price.” Those were the scariest words I had ever heard in my life. I am Thomas, the only survivor, after the time we walked into the abandoned house.

One day, Thomas, DJ and Noah were playing football. There was, right next to where we lived, an abandoned house. DJ said, “Hey, there’s that old abandoned house.”

Right then, the football flew over the fence into the weedy garden of the abandoned house. “Now we have to get the ball,” Noah said.

DJ said, “I’ll go get it.” But he couldn’t find it. He asked for help. When they found the ball, Thomas said, “A man used to live in that house.” Nobody knows what he looked like. He always wore a mask. He never let anybody into his house.

The man and a wolf got into a fight earlier, back in 1846. They both died afterward.

Their ghosts left their bodies at the same time and at the perfect place where the ghosts combined and turned into what is called Convoris. That’s what the legend says.

“We’re not scared, let’s go in,” said Thomas.

They fought through the weeds to the front door. Thomas reached out and pulled the doorknob. The door creaked open and fell with a loud BANG. They jumped back and then walked inside. They heard a low growl and spun around.

They walked a few feet and met a staircase. The whole house was filled with mice and cobwebs. “Let’s go up the stairs,” said DJ. He ran up the stairs alone. Thomas and Noah shrugged their shoulders when they heard, “ahhhhhh.”

They go to the top of the stairs and right in front of them lay DJ. And written in claw marks was a sign on the door that said, “Go back, or else.” And something like a wolf voice joined in that said, “Pay the price.” They whipped around and saw green eyes flash in the darkness. Then, DJ and the Convoris disappeared.

“Let’s get out of here,” said Noah in terror. As fast as a lightning bolt, they were down the stairs. They met the eyes of the convoris. He have us five minutes to get out.

Moonlight came and shown through a window. That’s when the convoris came into sight. A big, tall, hairy beast, about 8’3″ to be exact, human-like arms and legs and equipped with huge, extra sharp knife like claws.

You disobeyed me once. Now, you must pay the price.

It grabbed Noah in the back. It took him by the shirt and he too disappeared.

The Convoris saw me. I jumped out the window but the monster’s long, sharp claws caught me in the should but I still got away. “You haven’t seen the last of me,” he said.

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