Winter Park Christian School stages ‘Journey Through Music History’ |

Winter Park Christian School stages ‘Journey Through Music History’

Autumn Phillips
Sky-Hi Daily News
Grand County, Colorado
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Eight months of rehearsal will pay off Friday as the students of Winter Park Christian School take the stage.

Every Monday night for all those months, they have practiced “Journey through Music History.”

It will be the first musical performance by the school, made possible by the passion of one teacher, Tania Moore, and the volunteer time of one mother, Karen Kuhns.

Moore is the math teacher at Winter Park Christian School, but asked for the chance to teach music history once a week.

“From a math point of view, kids who are good at music are good at math,” Moore said. “It’s a lot of the same things ” structure, counting. Kids who are brought up taking music lessons understand math.

“Beyond math, I have an enormous appreciation for music. And it’s hard to call this a classical school without teaching the classics of music.”

“Journey through Music History” was written by Moore and is a compilation of music from Old Testament times to the modern day.

It begins with a dance to the Jewish song “Hava Nagila,” which is eighth-grader Jacob Magee’s favorite piece. He borrowed a monk’s costume from youth pastor Chad Warren for his dance performance in the piece.

From this performance he learned “that music goes back a long time.”

The third- through 12th-graders at the school study Latin and will perform the next song ” “Dona Nobis Pacem” ” entirely in Latin.

Throughout the night, students will take the audience from era to era ” the early church to Classical to Spirituals to modern Broadway musicals.

Every student at Winter Park Christian School ” 38 in all ” has a part in Friday’s performance.

The students hope Grand County music lovers will attend their performance because “it teaches them about Jesus and different kinds of music, and it will be fun,” said sixth-grader Mitchell Ridehart. “And there will be a surprise ending.”

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