Winter Park: Jazz, blues, soul version of a human beat-box |

Winter Park: Jazz, blues, soul version of a human beat-box

by Cyndi Palmer
Sky-Hi Daily News

The sounds of accomplished soloist, songwriter, guitarist and entertainer Lipbone Redding will be the next highlight during the Winter Park/Fraser Valley of Commerce-sponsored, family-friendly High-Note Thursday concert next week.

Redding, a former subway musician and Southern gentleman, is known for the variety of sounds he makes with his lips, especially as a trumpet. He is said to be “the jazz, blues, jam and soul version of a human beat-box.”

After just a couple hours playing near a subway platform in New York City, he discovered he could make more money playing acoustic guitar and singing than he could at a “regular” job.

He sold his electronic equipment and spent his nights honing his new pursuit, developing an extensive repertoire along the way.

The inventive musician creates originals that mix in New Orleans swing, Memphis grooves and a Big Apple style, with performances layered with uncanny riffs and mouth percussion, comedic side notes and interesting lyrics. He admittingly survived some “post-punk angst years” and spun into a free-jazz and abstract performance-art era in the late 1990s. It was then that he also began producing events for the legendary Museum of Sound Recording.

The annual LOVeSPHeRe festival, which was an original collaboration between Redding and Gary Heidt, celebrates more than a decade of multi-media entertainment (with “anything … that would stimulate the sonic and theatrical palate”). He wrote songs incorporating non-traditional instrumentation and avant-garde stage performances including full choirs, 20-to-30 guitars, household electronics and appliances, flame-throwers and flying flapjacks.

When he had the cash for it, Redding visited South America and exposed himself to the sights and sounds of the music and cultures there. Since then, he’s also explored venues in North Carolina and California, took a trip to India where he studied Indian Classical and Karnatic music and Eastern philosophy, and hitchhiked through Europe.

“I support music, and music supports me,” he said.

This past year, Redding and “family” members of the LipBone Orchestra (drummer Claudio Rochat-Felix and upright bassist Jeff Eyrich) have taken the nation and world by storm. Redding and the three-man orchestra released their debut album “Hop the Fence” in the spring of 2007. They are currently celebrating the release of their all-new record “Party On the Fire Escape,” which Redding describes as his “Bronx-eye view of the world.”

At presstime, they were on their way to a show in Cleveland, and they have shows booked throughout Colorado for the new album.

“(Our show is) a general party that’ll break out on stage,” he said.

Other acts to catch down the road during the Thursday High-Note concerts include local high-energy bluegrass band Hunker Down July 24 (they’re gearing up for their debut album shortly), Holden Young July 31, Wendy Wood Trio Aug. 7 (in conjunction with the Concrete Rodeo Competition at the skate park) and the Delta Sonics Aug. 14.