Winter Park resident wins essay contest and new mountain bike |

Winter Park resident wins essay contest and new mountain bike

Sabina Ligas, 17, from Winter Park is the winner of a new NORCO Pinnacle Front Suspension mountain bike from Full Circle Cyclery in Granby.

In April, Full Circle Cyclery announced the essay contest to Grand County residents ages 15 to 20. In order to win the bike, contestants must write an essay answering the question: What would you do if you won a new bike?

Ligas learned about the contest in her math class and decided to enter.

“I really needed a new bike to get to work this summer,” she said.

She also helps clean up the Fraser Trail behind Safeway.

“It’s a dirt road, and me and my friends always clean it up. I just got back from the Utah Canyoneering Trip with the school. Maggie Keller is the leader and as part of the trip she has us clean up around the river. Every kids had a trash bag to fill up.”

Ligas’ is motivated to help the environment by riding her new bike all summer.

“I want to make sure I keep the environment clean, and while I’m riding I’m going to pick up trash. It takes just one person at a time,” she said.

Ligas wrote the follow essay about what she would do if she won a bike:

“One bike can create multiple memories of a lifetime. From the first time a child learns to ride without their training wheels, to that scar that remains on your left calf, a bike will always be close to the heart. My bike has been a huge part of my life, from the day my dad ran after me screaming to use my pedals. Ever since my departing from the training wheels I have used my bike for exercise, hobbies, socialization, but most of all for transportation. Having an internship at my local veterinary clinic, which was a town over, forced me to be convenient and environmentally friendly. Instead of driving to work, I would bike to work through the jungles of the Fraser Trail.

Therefore if I won a new bike, I would be saving and treating the most lovable Grand County citizens. Besides using my new bike for transport for the summer and college I would use it to clean our county, through our local bike trails. With increasing global warming and flourishing amount of pollution in our environment I have taken on, personally, to clean up trash at any given moments in order to keep my county clean. I would do wonders with a new bike.”