Winter Park Resort begins construction of new Village Cabriolet |

Winter Park Resort begins construction of new Village Cabriolet

Starting today, Winter Park Resort and Leitner-Poma will break ground on a new village cabriolet, also known as an open air gondola, between the Vintage Hotel parking lot and the new Village at Winter Park Resort.

Upon completion of the lift, guests will obtain free round trip transportation into the heart of the resort’s new base village.

“With the first phase of The Village of Winter Park nearing completion, the addition of a village cabriolet is essential to the vibrancy of this new base village,” said Gary DeFrange, President and Chief Operating Officer for Winter Park Resort. “We have envisioned The Village at Winter Park Resort now for many years. The achievement of these two major projects moves this vision into an exciting reality.”

Over the past five years, nearly $40 million has been spent on-mountain in the form of three new chairlifts in three years, terrain expansions and terrain parks for skiing and mountain biking. The Cabriolet’s $5.8 million addition to the new base village of Winter Park Resort begins to round out the winter and summer changes that have taken place on-mountain.

With a slope length of 1,436-feet, the village cabriolet has a capacity of 2,800 people per hour via 39 eight-passenger cabins. Skis, snowboards, wheelchairs, and mountain bikes can be transported both to the village and back to the resort’s free parking lot in a matter of minutes.

With the cabriolet in place, Winter Park Resort will no longer utilize shuttles for the Vintage Hotel to resort route; shuttles in place for the resort’s other free parking lots will remain.

As part of Winter Park Resort’s Connexion platform designed to inform, involve and educate resort employees, guests and the community about the environment in which we work and play, 200 additional mega watts of wind energy credits will be purchased to offset the added energy used to operate the new lift. In total, Winter Park Resort will purchase 600 mega watts to operate the new cabriolet, Super Gauge, Eagle Wind and Panoramic Express lifts.

Construction for the cabriolet is slated to begin first thing today morning and end in late October.

For more information on the village cabriolet or The Village at Winter Park Resort, contact Darcy Morse at (970) 726-1565.