Winter Park Resort Vegetation Treatments Decision Released |

Winter Park Resort Vegetation Treatments Decision Released

The Forest Service announced, June 15, that it has approved more than 1,500 acres at Winter Park Resort for pine beetle treatment.

This project will be implemented on National Forest system lands within the Winter Park Resort permit boundaries and will treat approximately 1,568 acres of tree islands and forest stands, targeting the dead and dying lodgepole pine but also removing minor amounts of other species such Engelmann spruce and subalpine fir.

Treatments in the area include the full range of intensity from clear cutting lodgepole pine-dominated stands to the individual removal of hazard trees.

Lift lines and a cable logging system will be used to clear some of the trees and lop and scatter will be used in steeper sections, said Sulphur District Ranger Craig Magwire. The local mill in Granby will be processing most of the timber from the project.

Work on this project is expected to begin immediately. For more information about this project visit