Winter Park Resorts Heads Up safety week activities a success |

Winter Park Resorts Heads Up safety week activities a success

To the Editor:We would like to thank the following businesses for participating in Winter Park Resorts Heads Up safety week activities. We thank: ALCO, Starbucks at Zephyr Mountain Lodge, Hernandos Pizza, deAntonios Pizza, 7 Mile Medical Clinic & Winter Park Resorts: Mountain Hosts, Retail & Uniform Services.National Safety Awareness Week was Jan. 16 through Jan. 23. Local students, grades 3 through 6, created posters depicting elements of The Responsibility Code. Many of these delightful, informative posters were displayed throughout the week in the Balcony House, at Winter Park. This is a fun and effective way to get the skier/rider safety message across to our local students and anyone who spent time looking at this display.Thank you to the 150 students that created posters. Our contest winners for 2009 are Ryleigh Suteliffe, Kyler Bailey, Samantha Fichter, Alma Bravo, Hannah Flaherty and Chance Martin. These winners received some great prizes and will spend a day on the mountain with the Winter Park Ski Patrol on Feb. 6.We appreciate all of their support in spreading the safety message. Thank you.Katie Soles andWinter Park Resorts Ski Education Team

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