Winter Park should consider "whistle-free" train crossings |

Winter Park should consider "whistle-free" train crossings

To the Editor:

I, along with many of my friends and family, truly enjoy time spent in your wonderful community and state. However, I continually hear the same question concerning Winter Park: “How far from the tracks/crossings is your condo?” The question always relates to the multiple train whistles sounded all hours of the day and night, disrupting a deep sleep.

It is my understanding that there are crossings that can be constructed that do not require the engineer to blast the whistle. I also understand that while these crossings are not cheap to install, it is also not a guarantee the engineer will not toot the horn.

With that said, I feel that any action a destination vacation community like Winter Park can take to make the visit of guests enjoyable should be considered.

I would like to encourage the community of Winter Park to look into and pursue the opportunity to reduce train noise through the installation of “whistle free” crossings.

Troy Huffman

Lincoln, Neb.