Winter Park’s Hideaway Park project on tight schedule |

Winter Park’s Hideaway Park project on tight schedule

Katie Looby
Sky-Hi Daily News

Katie Looby/Sky-Hi Daily News

As workers complete the $3.67 million Hideaway Park project, officials say they are on a tight schedule.

“The time schedule we have to work under is the real challenge here ” meeting the schedule,” said Chuck Swanson, Winter Park engineer. “They’ll (workers) be out there rain or shine … just in order to get everything done. They’ll be working on it all summer long.”

He said the amphitheater, grass area and stage should be should be completed in time for the first summer concert, the Blues Festival, June 28-29.

“We’re just getting started. So far it’s going very well, we’re on schedule as long as it stops snowing.”

Crews also will install a $96,352 climbing wall and $6,195 slide.

The Town Council hired ECI Site Construction, based in Loveland, on April 15 to construct the project.

The cost is up $1.4 million from the estimated cost in December 2007. The original project was expected to cost $2.6 million, Swanson said.

There are enough funds in the capital improvement budget to cover the project fees, he said.

The highest item cost is the demolition of the existing restroom and construction of a new facility for a price tag of $605,000. The project was not included in the original budget.

Nobody wanted to use the portable bathrooms last year, and the restrooms were too small, Swanson said. The existing bathrooms have two toilets in the women’s bathroom and two urinals and a toilet in the men’s bathroom. The new restrooms will have eight toilets in each room, he said.

The new picnic shelter will cost $109,000 and was not originally budgeted for either.

Swanson said the picnic structure was originally going to be a tent-like structure.

“We thought that the permanent structure would look a lot nicer,” he said.

The snowmelt system for the plaza area was also added and will cost $110,400. The $102,000 park gateway entrance will include two $57,593, 19-foot stone pillars. The irrigation system is estimated to cost $240,942, documents show.

He said more expansions will be completed as the summer goes on, and those who attend the summer events will see new improvements.

“It’s one of those things ” the experience will change throughout the summer as we get more and more done,” Swanson said.

The entire project is set to be completed in November.

Hideaway Park is located at 78911 U.S. Highway 40 across from the Visitor Center.