Work begins on River Park in Granby |

Work begins on River Park in Granby

Grand Fire Protection District No. 1 (Granby Fire Department) is working on the “River Park” project just north of its Fire Station.

In a cooperative effort with the Town of Granby the fire district acquired an interest in the property as part of the sale of the old fire station to the Town. The improvements at River Park will consist of a paved parking area with trails leading to a gazebo and picnic tables along the river.

“The improvements will not only visually enhance the property but provide for better public use of the riverfront location,” said Fire Chief David Boyes.

Chief Boyes indicated he hopes this is just the beginning of improving all the riverfront property within the town to provide better public access.

“Not every town has an asset like this, and we should take advantage of it with walking and biking rails, picnic areas and just make it more accessible to enjoy.”