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Would this resort community’s trash and recycling solution work in Grand County?

To the Editor:

After reading another article about trash ending up in recycling bins causing a true problem with Grand County, Colorado’s, recycling programs, I was compelled to write this letter describing the trash handling system in and around Flathead Lake, Mont.

Flathead Lake is similar to the Fraser valley ” many of the residents are second-home owners who do not occupy their vacation homes full time ” many “enders” head to the lake for weekends or are there for only a few weeks at a time.

Weekly trash removal by a trash removal company is not a good option as leaving trash receptacles on the street is against covenants for the weekenders and setting up trash removal for only a few weeks is not easy. So what is their solution?

There are local, no-fee “landfill” substations. These are locations in the lake communities that have Dumpsters for anyone who pays taxes in that county to use. They also have a good recycling program that furnishes containers for glass, metal, newspaper and other paper products in addition to containers for regular trash ” ALL IN THE SAME AREA. They also have a place for yard waste and even a place to drop off appliances in this same area.

By providing one location where residents can dispose of all their trash and recyclables, a successful recycling option is working. Sanitation workers around Flathead Lake are frustrated by the amount of recyclables found in the regular trash, but they do not have the problem the Granby area has with regular trash being placed into the recycle containers.

Jamie Rubin

Granby “ender”