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WP, Fraser discuss Open Lands Committee

Grand County voters approved Ballot Measure 1A in the 2016 election. The ballot measure imposed a county-wide sales tax of 0.3 percent, which expires in 10 years, and will be used for keeping water in the Colorado River and other rivers (such as the Fraser River) available for agriculture, ranching, and outdoor recreation; conserving agricultural lands, natural areas, scenic open lands, wildlife habitat, wetlands, and river access through acquisition; and maintaining hiking and biking trails.

The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) will now appoint an Open Lands, Rivers and Trails Advisory committee called the “Open Lands Advisory Committee.”

The committee will be composed of nine members—three residents from unincorporated Grand County, one from each commissioner district, and a person nominated by each municipality in the County.

At the Winter Park Town Council meeting on Jan. 3, Town Manager Drew Nelson said that no one had expressed interest yet in joining the committee. Nelson said he had reached out to several residents of Winter Park, but had not heard anything back. Nelson said if any citizens of Winter Park are interested in joining they should contact the Town. He suggested the board reach out to the BOCC to let them know the town is still trying to find interested applicants.

Fraser appointed two nominees for consideration to serve on the committee at their Jan. 5 Town Board of Trustees meeting. Out of four candidates, the Town Board voted to nominate Ryan Barwick and Maura McKnight to the committee. The Board said they were going to strongly recommend the other two candidates to the BOCC for the Unincorporated Grand County positions on the committee.

Candidates nominated by municipalities in Grand County are recommended for approval by the BOCC to join the 1A Committee. The BOCC will appoint members by Feb. 6.

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