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WP sets meeting with EPA, UPRR

The Town of Winter Park has scheduled a meeting with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Grand County, Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR), and Winter Park Water and Sanitation District for Monday, November 21 in Denver. Winter Park Town Manager Drew Nelson said the intent of the meeting is to learn more about UPRR’s industrial waste that they seek to inject into the ground near the Moffat Tunnel, and what impact that may have on the Fraser River. Nelson said that with the nature of the soils in the area the Town is concerned that contaminants could easily move between the septic and leach field and the Fraser River. This does not address the contaminants seen discharging into the Fraser River near the Moffat Tunnel in September. The meeting will concern only waste materials generated by the new water treatment facility that UPRR has had under construction for the past few years. The UPPR plans to submit a Class V injection well permit application for the area.

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