Yes to East Grand technology mill levy, 3A |

Yes to East Grand technology mill levy, 3A

To the Editor:

We encourage registered voters in Grand County to vote yes on 3A for East Grand School District Technology Mill Levy. Increased use of technology is a fact within our society. Providing staff and students the opportunity to use the technology to improve instruction and learning is essential. Technology is expensive and for the past three years has been funded by grants; this is not sustainable for EGSD and our kids. The mill levy is a must to maintain and upgrade the current infrastructure and equipment. Allow EGSD to purchase and install software and applications for curriculum, student assessments and instructional purposes. The funding will also provide for training students and staff. EGSD is asking for about a $400,000 mill levy over the next three years. That is very important to understand this Mill sunsets in three years. The cost to you as a taxpayer equates to an average of $7 increase for every $100,000 in home value and $22 for every $100,000 in business value. We have to ensure that EGSD is preparing our kids for the 21st Century, please vote yes to 3A. We will be.

Katie Riemenschneider

Winter Park

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