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YMCA staff members sent to MPMC on Friday

Sky-Hi News Staff Report

Five YMCA staff members were transported to Middle Park Medical Center (MPMC) on Friday Sept. 9 after exhibiting unusual symptom.

On first investigation officers thought it was a possible chemical issue in a building on the property. Several buildings were evacuated as a safety precaution.

After an additional investigation and interviews with staff it was determined staff members found a cannabis candy bar and split it among them.

“They ate too much of the candy bar and started acting strange,” said Public Information Officer for the Sheriff’s office, Lt. Dan Mayer.

“The YMCA strives to be a family-friendly environment,” said Trueman Hoffmeister, Snow Mountain Ranch Center Director.

“We have a no-marijuana-use policy for staff and guest.”

However, a guest had left behind an unopened THC candy bar in one of the rental cabins, he said.

“The candy bar was not clearly labeled and it was sealed. Our staff thought they were sharing a candy bar,” he said.

Within a half hour they became ill and the YMCA contacted EMS.

The staff members were transported to MPMC and release later that evening.

“It looked like a fancy candy bar with the label “THC” in small letters,” said Hoffmeister.

“As a parent myself I was scared. It looked like a regular candy bar with 12 servings. We will be further training our staff about marijuana. Guests and staff safety is very important to us.”

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