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You are here, Here you are

Marianne Klancke / Sense of Community
Grand County, CO Colorado

With spring we had graduations of all shapes and sizes. We made merry for efforts successfully completed and rightfully credited.

Generally coupled with these celebrations are a concentrated focus on the possibilities yet to come. Common with all journeys, when one has ended, another will begin to nag for conception. We all know that mere contemplation does not a trip make. To navigate to our next destination we need to find our bearings, reference our destination, and explore our path.

So, you want to be off on your next adventure? Get a life map. May I suggest that my direction of choice is the one that includes the brilliant notation: YOU ARE HERE. How comforting is that?

I just love standing in unfamiliar locations looking at wonderful signage that reassures me that I know where I am at this very moment. I have to admit that I am not always positive about my position in every sense of the word.

We must realize that a naked map offers all possibilities of direction and movement. From any point of beginning to all points of ending, the calculated combinations of travel are endless; you do the math if you can. This is true even while examining what you may think is a relatively small or simple life chart.

So, please, seriously entertain my urgings to orient your journey’s point of initiation as a vital step in your movement forward. You must know where you are to get to where you are going; otherwise, you will be all over the map, so to speak.

Begin to get your bearings by taking note of those very things that you feel could go unmentioned. Not so much that these aspects are unmentionable in terms of acceptability, but that personal inventory just seems a bit boring or a waste of time. Reviewing your habits, skills, energies, challenges, resources, and other pertinent details may seem such a bother.

As a life coach, I am convinced that examining what, how, when, and why you are doing your “now thing” will provide direction to your next “best thing.”

The more closely you can scrutinize your current coordinates, the more successful you will be in choosing your desired destination. Stand at your YOU ARE HERE with open eyes. Let your self-knowledge help you chose where it is you want to go.

By both recognizing the qualities you wish to carry forward and the traits you are determined to leave behind, you may very well discover a special place of focus that you have not even realized was on your map.

Once you have determined your point of origin and your inspired destination, you will then chart the route to be taken from one to the other. Like most travelers, you will more than likely choose your path to be the one of least resistance and as short as short can be, while stressing in your mind that the final landing place must be exactly as predetermined.

What then do you do if somewhere along the way you find yourself standing again at your life map with the YOU ARE HERE not where you thought you would be?

Remember, first of all, it is always good to know where you are. Secondly, check to see if your detour has served you or distracted you from your desired destination. Then, reevaluate the new YOU ARE HERE to determine if you want to tweak your grand plan a little or a lot.

As far as re-charting your path, you may now know that certain scenic, slower routes add value to your trip and may choose to navigate with a personal compass. You may also realize that you can always find your way back from where you have come.

It is your journey.

As long as you know YOU ARE HERE you can be anywhere you want to be on your way to everywhere you want to go.

– Marianne Klancke is a certified professional coach and group development facilitator. What are your coaching questions or communication concerns? She welcomes any comments at