Your vote can’t count anymore than it does in Grand County caucuses |

Your vote can’t count anymore than it does in Grand County caucuses

If the story, “Grand County caucus set for Tuesday, Feb. 5” looks familiar, you aren’t imagining things. We ran the article in last Friday’s paper and we plan to run it again.

Next Tuesday, Colorado gets to have its say in the slowly unfolding race toward the presidential nominations.

This year, there are no obvious front-runners for the two parties ” it’s anyone’s guess who the final nominees will be. And, for that reason, each caucus feels like another game in the presidential playoffs ” waiting to see which team will make it to the end.

The closer we get to the end, the more exciting it gets.

On this day next week, people will gather around Grand County and choose our nominees for president. The Democrats will also choose nominees for the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.

If you are one of those cynical members of this democracy who believes that your vote doesn’t count, attend a caucus this year.

During a regular primary election, you walk into a room, take a ballot and pull the curtain behind your back as you check off the candidate of your choice in the privacy of the voting booth.

In the caucus process, you walk into a room full of members of your party ” probably your neighbors. In Grand County, caucuses are held in people’s homes, at local libraries, schools and churches.

Because you are gathered with people from the same party, you should feel free to speak your mind as you debate and discuss the candidates of your choice.

At the end of the evening, everyone votes until a majority is reached. Votes roll in from each precinct to the county and from each county to the state.

The next morning, when you turn on the radio or television news or pick up the newspaper and learn who won the Colorado caucus, you can feel a sense of pride to know that you were part of the decision-making process.

Next Tuesday is particularly exciting, because Colorado will be one of 24 states across the nation participating in “Super Tuesday.” As our results roll in, so do the opinions of 23 other states. By the end of the tally, a true picture of the 2008 presidential race will have formed.

Over the next week, we will do everything in our power to convince you that this process is worth your time ” by publishing and re-publishing useful information to help you participate.

For many of you, it will be your first time joining a presidential caucus. Afterward, we would love to hear your impressions of the process through letters to the editor, e-mailed to

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