ACEVEDO – Middle Park needs more school spirit |

ACEVEDO – Middle Park needs more school spirit

Who’s got spirit? Not Grand County. It seems to me that as a community, we are lacking in school spirit.

Middle Park’s homecoming this year was not as spirited as past years.

To introduce homecoming week, our student council members organized an assembly to build up school spirit. They planned cheers, games and fun for the hour, but students showed no excitement.

No one showed any interest in participating in the events that were planned for the week. Only a few students joined in the fun the whole week.

The community was also surprised that there was no parade down main street this year. Student council members said that there was no homecoming parade because students don’t participate in it by creating a float or showing up.

Home games are also lacking support. Part of the community has become too busy to attend school games and show support to their students. The bleachers are typically empty at our school’s games.

At school, throughout the year, only a few students participate in the spirit days that Middle Park’s student council prepare for them.

Student Jacqueline Quinn said, “Our school lacks spirit. It needs more and better spirit days.”

“Our school spirit is poor. Not many people join in when they have the opportunity,” said Matt Risley, a junior at Middle Park.

Students recognize that they do not show spirit. Yet, they do nothing to improve it. There are numerous occasions where students are given the opportunity to involve themselves in activities or dress up days.

Ezekiel Rohloff said, “A lot of us lack [school spirit]. We don’t have motivation. I feel we have no pride in our school; we have too many rules.”

Comments like these are said every day at school. Even the community senses the lack of “Panther Pride” in Grand County.

The school could offer more “fun” during the school year where students could enjoy the time they spend there. Middle Park’s Student Vice President Sam Kerber said, “We need more activities to bring us together as a community.”

The community can support the students by attending more home games and getting more involved in other school activities. If we all, as individuals, work together to improve our school’s spirit, we can once again see the “Panther Pride” that Middle Park once had.

I’d like to thank those who support Middle Park High School and the students that attend it.

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