Brenda Kellen: How do I prepare for the home inspector? |

Brenda Kellen: How do I prepare for the home inspector?

Q. The home inspector is scheduled for next week, is there anything I can do as the homeowner to prepare for the visit?

A. Yes – and taking the time to prepare for the buyer’s home inspection can eliminate much of the anxiety. A clean inspection report should help expedite and simplify the sale. Listed below are some of the most common inspection items noted on reports and by addressing these in advance, you can hopefully eliminate a laundry list of repair requests from the buyer.

– Install all window screens.

– Replace fogged or stained window thermopanes; replace broken glass panes.

– Clean debris out of gutter, repair or replace cracked or broken gutters and downspouts; install downspout extensions.

– Check for proper drainage; re-grade soil around the foundation to keep water away from the house.

– Replace dirty filters in the heating system.

– Repair leaky outside, bathroom and kitchen faucets.

– Repair leaky sinks and tub drains.

– Secure toilets to the floor.

– Replace bathroom grout and caulk where necessary.

– Tighten loose door knobs and cabinet hardware.

– Replace burned-out light bulbs.

– Re-secure loose outlets and switches; install missing switch, outlet, and junction box covers.

– Install GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit interrupters) electrical outlets in all “wet” areas (kitchen countertops, bathrooms, crawl spaces, basements, garages, and outside).

– Install smoke detectors (at least one on each level)

Completing these checklist items will dramatically reduce the red flags on the inspection report. The items are quick fixes and should be done regularly, regardless if you are selling or not, to help maintain the good working order of your home.

For more insight into the current real estate market, please contact me directly at 970.485.1115, visit my website at, or e-mail me at I have been selling with Omni Real Estate for over 10 years and help buyers and sellers in both Grand and Summit County.

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