Cathy Walton-Smith A little chicken can go a long way |

Cathy Walton-Smith A little chicken can go a long way

Cathy Walton-Smith / View from the LakeGrand Lake, Colorado

When I was 15 years old, my mother decided that I needed a lesson in preparing chicken. Dont get me wrong, Im not going to tell you about the dead chicken hanging from the clothes line or the headless chicken running around the yard. I grew up in the California suburbs. We got all of our meat at the grocery store. This was a lesson in how to cut up a whole chicken because chicken is chicken, but it costs a lot more to buy one if its already cut up for you. So, she stood me up to the sink with a good, sharp knife … ignoring my gagging and squealing … and proceeded to show me the proper way to dissect a whole fryer. I picked one up at the store today … for just 99 cents a pound.Here are three meals you can get from the same chicken once youve cut it up. 1. Cook it all in a big pot and make chicken-and-dumplings. 2. Save the broth and half the leftover chicken for chicken noodle soup. 3. Chop up the remaining chicken with some onion, green pepper and Mexican spices for a great filling for enchiladas … or for chicken salad … or a chicken stir fry … stay tuned next week for all the things you can do with the leftover Sunday roast.Cabin Fever.Pronunciation: kae bihn fee vEr. Definition NOUN: Extreme anxiety, restlessness, irritability caused by being confined to a small space or isolated for a length of time, as from a prolonged stay in a remote, sparsely populated region during winter.A bunch of Cabin Fever sufferers are getting together on Saturday, April 25, to put on the Grand Arts Councils Cabin Fever Follies talent show at the Historic Grand Lake Community House. Tickets are now on sale at the Grand Lake Art Gallery or get them at the door for $12-adult and $5-kids under 12.People you know will actually be on stage doing things (like singing, dancing, playing instruments, reciting, telling jokes) that they otherwise would never get to do in front of a live audience. Since the audience will also most probably be suffering from cabin fever, they will laugh and clap and really enjoy the show. The Mountain Man Ballet promises a special finale this year. Come early for a good seat this once-a-year show is always a sellout.The Grand County Assessors office will be conducting meetings around the county to discuss and explain the upcoming Notice of Value that all property owners will soon be receiving in the mail. The Grand Lake meeting will be on Wednesday, April 29, from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in the Grand Arts Center on Park Avenue. If you cant make it to that one, theres always Kremmling, at the Middle School on Monday, April 27, or Fraser Library on Tuesday, April 28, Mountain Parks Electric on Thursday, April 30, or at the Commissioners Boardroom on Friday, May 1.There is still time to be entered into the drawing for the Donna Lyons framedoriginal watercolor to be given away on May 23rd. Just bring 2 non-perishable food items to The Grand LakeArt Gallery, fill out the entry form and await your chance to win this beautiful painting. Most needed are: Mac & Cheese, soups, Tuna & Hamburger Helper, rice, spaghetti, ramen noodles, and peanut butter.The Grand Lake Area Chamber of Commerce has begun planning for the Grand Lake Festival of the Arts and Crafts (June 6 & 7).They are seeking sponsors for this years event to help extend advertising and promotion efforts. Sponsorships for this years event are just $100. With sponsorship this year, they will include your name or logo on all posters related to the event as well as link your Web site to the 10,000 e-mail address receiving the eblast several times before the event. Sponsors may also display, promote or sell at the event for NO CHARGE (sponsor must provide tent). Contact Brad Taylor at the Chamber, 627-3402, for more info.The Circle H Lodge will be finishing up the winter Audio and Visual Enlightment event the end of April. Thursday, April 23, will be FAT AMBER, these guys are up and coming in our community and are building a following with not only the their peers from Middle Park High School but other locals as well. The featured artist is Wendy Ready who will be off to college next fall to study art. She is already a talented artist.Happy birthday to Sue Sheriff, Rick Stewart and Steve Penley. Cathy Walton-Smith,

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