Cathy Walton-Smith: Money, opportunity – brought to me by the horoscope |

Cathy Walton-Smith: Money, opportunity – brought to me by the horoscope

Cathy Walton-Smith
View from the Lake

One of the best additions to our daily newspaper is the horoscope. It’s not really an obsession with me, just something I check from time to time to see if my day is in balance with the universe. It seems that those few words of prediction prove one of two things on any given day. When it’s right on ” it’s amazing. When it’s off ” it’s just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo anyway.

Tuesday was a four star day, with money and opportunity heading my way. I’m wondering how long it will take . . . or if it was referring to the dime I found on the ground. I’m also amazed that millions of other Aquarians were also having such a fabulous day ” and may not even know it. I hope the Geminis had enough sense to stay home.

It seems that the citizens of Grand Lake couldn’t elect a mayor because some didn’t know if they were actually citizens or not so they voted just in case they were. Well, that’s not how it works. Voting is a serious responsibility. To the many business owners and workers affected by the laws of our town who are not actual citizens and therefore can’t vote, those legal voters have an added responsibility. If you intend to vote in next month’s mayoral election, know where you live, and make sure you are entitled to that vote. Listen carefully to what the candidates have to say, what they want for Grand Lake, and what elements of our community they represent ” and consider your right to vote as a serious responsibility. Because it is.

The Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre has had another great summer season. They produced three great musicals and played to many sold out audiences. The fall show opens tomorrow night with Why Do Fools Fall In Love? This nostalgic show mixes drama, comedy and ’60’s love songs creating a lighthearted and engaging mix. Four girlfriends gather to celebrate the upcoming wedding of one of their own. As the bachelorette party picks up steam, the girls discover more about each other’s love lives, real-life struggles and the everlasting strength of friendship. Check the town park box office for show times and dates through Sept. 20, or call (970) 627-5087.

“The Moby Man” Bob Deline affectionately known as “Moby” (way before the popular singing group) has been entertaining in Grand County and the Front Range since the early ’70s. His melodic voice singing ballads intertwined with wit and humor, constantly interacting with his audience, makes his performance an audience favorite. Apparently, someone besides us Grand Laker’s noticed this. This Sunday, our very own Moby will be inducted in the Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame, for comedy of course. Congratulations, my friend.

Labor Day weekend (the last gasp of summer) is right around the corner. Aave Sunday, Aug. 31, for Tombstone Tales. Tickets will be going on sale soon for this annual re-enactment of historic characters at our own Grand Lake Cemetery. And every year there is a different cast of dead people. Shows are starting earlier this year in an effort to avoid the risk of a downpour (I was a drenched dead person more than once). The starting time is moved up to 11:20 a.m., with a new show starting every half hour with the last show at 2:20 p.m. The Grand Lake Art Gallery is selling tickets at $10 – adult and $5 – kids under 12, or call Barbara Ahrens at (970) 627-3097. This year’s former citizens will be James W. Mitchell and his wife Polly Yarger Mitchell; Doc Duty, Carolyn Pratt Holzwarth, Henry Schnoor, and Teina Lehman. If the cemetery performances happen to be rained out, there will be a full presentation on stage at the elementary school at 1:30 p.m. But in spite of a little dampness, there has never been a rain-out in all 11 years.

While you’re out and about this week ask Barb Stemple how to manage a sticky cat . . . ask Diane Mahoney about overnight delivery . . . and ask Peggy Mann if it has really rained every Sunday afternoon all summer.

Don’t forget, BINGO!

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