Cyndi Palmer::On going Green |

Cyndi Palmer::On going Green

Cyndi Palmer
A Face in the Crowd

Conserve, choose wisely and connect. There’s just a couple more months of summer left (can you believe it?) and although it seems like very little time, there’s still quite a bit of entertainment left on the summer calendar.

My advice is conserve your energy when you can ” a lesson which I’ve recently had to relearn ” so you and I can get back out there at our best. Choose your outings wisely my friends. That way, the chance of a meaningful connection with whatever it

is that you’re there to see (feel, taste, hear) is at an optimum.

As a refreshing, eclectic massive crowd meandered through the Alpine ArtAffair and Jazz Festival in Winter Park this past weekend, I took the chance to regather my resources. A bundle of pure fun with band Paper Stars at Cooper Creek Square (their bassist is something else), the talented artists at the Elizabeth Kurtak Art Gallery exhibit, Willy rockin’ Crooked Creek Saloon, and Oly singing his heart out at the Lariat Friday night left me yearning for some rest and relaxation in the sun.

It had to be done. I rolled up my jacket for a pillow, spread out a blanket, and appreciated the sunshine and clouds as the Jazz Fest stage belted out inspirations of hope and being good to one another. It was just what I needed to refresh my dwindling get-go.

Thanks go to Kevin Cox of the Grand Lake Marina who took a bunch of us out on a relaxing party barge excursion Tuesday. Jan Gamez did a terrific job organizing the group’s fun venture, which highlighted Chris Loo and Dan Gillespie of the Corso Bersaglieri duo.

The two have just a couple more weeks in Grand County (they’re the featured Grand Arts Council Concert in the Park this Saturday in Grand Lake) before they head back to their respective homes. Best of luck to Loo, who is headed out to (most likely) The Big Apple and Gillespie who is headed out to Indiana to finish his master’s degree.

Items of interest to keep up your energy for this week include checking out Gary Key at Cooper Creek Square and Oly at the Pub tonight, Saturday’s Concert in the Park and the Youth Theatre Production in Grand Lake and the Hoedown and Hunker Down at CCS, the Brian Jordan Trio (with Andy Irvine) at the Pub Tuesday, and the Wendy Woo Quartet at Hideaway Park Thursday.

Hunker Down and Oly (for Stereomaid) are both gearing up for CD releases and their performances have been extraordinarily refined. Fans tortured from the wait may find the musicians are showcasing a lot of the great stuff that will be on the albums during these shows. Hunker is also taking suggestions for the name of their debut collection.

Green means go, and that’s just what people will be doing when local favorite

musician Arnie J. Green performs two Thursday nights (Aug. 7 and 28) at The Lariat Saloon. I first met the vibrant, sweet character when he was a regular feature at the Grand Lake Lodge and we’re always delighted to see him back in town.

Food for thought: “Sometimes our fate resembles a fruit tree in winter. Who would think that those branches would turn green again and blossom, but we hope it, we know it.” – German playwright, poet, novelist and dramatist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

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