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Davis – Conversation Art

Tegan Davis/ @ your library
Grand County, Colo.

“I like your decorations” a 4-year-old exclaims as she enters the Granby Library community room for Wednesday morning’s pre-school story hour. Behind me is an art exhibit by thirty-eight East Grand School District students ranging from 7th to 12th grade.

The exhibition includes paintings, drawings, photography, and mixed media. On the west wall of the main library building are displayed ceramic pieces and sculptures by an additional twelve young artists. As the preschoolers settle into their seats, they begin to point at their favorite pieces and describe the colors they like best. Thus, story hour at the Granby Library begins with a conversation about art.

This spring, the Middle and High School art teachers – Ms. VanWoensel and Ms. Smith – approached the Granby Library. They wanted to display their students’ art and throw a public reception to celebrate the young artists. Both teachers saw this event as a way of presenting their students’ phenomenal work to the community and to encourage the positive aspects of student life.

The Granby Library was chosen for a venue due to its central location in the county. Ms. VanWoensel and Ms. Smith felt that given the number of people visiting the library, the students would receive excellent exposure.

The reception on May 24 was well received with the musical ambiance provided by high school band The Cardboard Cut Outs.

The teachers encouraged the students to talk with the community about their pieces and their sources of inspiration. Winners and honorable mentions were announced during the reception.

For the Middle School: Honorable Mention went to Steve Simmons and the winner was Abel Lietzke.

For the High School: Honorable Mention went to Hannah Heckerson and the Winner was Caitlin Taylor.

The art exhibit and opening represents an opportunity for the schools and library to collaborate in supporting the visual arts and to celebrate the work of the talented young artists in our communities. For the students, it was a memorable artistic experience which will hopefully form a tradition for many years to come.

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