Eric Murray – Accuracy and speed key to thorough diagnosis |

Eric Murray – Accuracy and speed key to thorough diagnosis

Voice of Your Hospital / Eric Murray
Kremmling, Colorado

The quicker the diagnosis of a condition or trauma, the better the chance of successful treatment and patient outcomes.

Now, Kremmling Memorial Hospital is able to scan patients amazingly fast with a brand new 16 multi-slice CT scanner. It will provide strikingly vivid images for doctors to analyze everything from a fracture to internal organs.

This CAT (Computerized Axial Tomography) Scan technology has created excitement among the physicians at the hospital because it will produce clearer, three-dimensional images of internal organs and the musculoskeletal system. It is designed to capture up to 16 slices simultaneously in half a second, speeding the imaging process and allowing for quicker diagnosis and treatment.

“This technology will allow us (radiology scientists) to get the X-ray information to the doctors fast, providing them with the ability to make a quicker and often more accurate diagnosis,” says radiology manager Patti Jones. “This ultimately means the ability to deliver faster care.”

Images from the new CT scanner can expose blood clots to the lungs and brain and fractures can be observed better. Internal organs can also be viewed more thoroughly.

“This technology provides more accurate, more concise and faster information for the doctors to work with,” Jones reiterated, “ultimately allowing for the best care possible.”

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