Grand County: Summer at the library, where the living’s informative and fun |

Grand County: Summer at the library, where the living’s informative and fun

There’s more than rhyme and reason motivating the summer adult programs @ Your Library.

There’s also careful attention paid to the tastes of locals and visitors so they can be reflected in the unique offerings of each of the five libraries in the Grand County Library District.

But no matter what the focus of the programming may be, all the summer adult programs are presented with the goal of entertaining and informing the local and tourist population of Grand County.

Juniper Library at Grand Lake

In Grand Lake, for instance, where summer visitation increases usage at the The Juniper Library five-fold, the local environment and local history are popular topics.

Edie Strate, the adult services librarian at the Juniper Library, said summer re-awakens in locals – and visitors too – a keen desire to know about the great outdoors that dominate Grand Lake’s unique setting high in the Rocky Mountains at the headwaters of the Colorado River.

“People’s interest in the outdoors blossoms in the summer,” Strate said. With that in mind, the Juniper Library is offering a wildflower walk (June 21, 8:15 a.m.) and a mushroom identification class in August.

“I know people are interested in the natural world around them,” Strate said. “This is especially so when people are coming here form urban environments and the cities.

They want to know about the environment here. We can help them with that.”

Local history is also a topic that piques people’s interest.

With that in mind, Strate offers a historical character program in which Dave Naples plays the fascinating historical personage of David Moffat, the man who pioneered the construction of the Moffat Tunnel railroad bore (July 9, 6:30 p.m.). Also in the historical vein, the Juniper Library offers the “Old Grand lake Walking Tour,” presented by local author and hsitorian Pat Raney. In this event, participants take a walk around Grand Lake to see the places where famous and curious events took place.

In August Kathy Naples plays “Doc Susie Anderson” in another historical personage skit while Bob Peterson talks about his biography on former Grand County Sheriff Mark Fletcher.

Fraser Valley Library

At the Fraser Valley Library community interests drive the programming for adults during the summer

“I generally try to focus our programs around the community’s interests,” said Fraser Valley Library’s Adult Services Librarian Stephanie Miller. “The program in June (June 19 at 6 p.m.) with Martin Woodbury, for example, will address food sensitivities and how they affect us – a topic that has gained a lot of interest over the last few years. I also choose programs I think people will enjoy, such as slideshows and movies.”

Along those lines, The Fraser Valley Library is featuring the film “Bedknobs and Broomsticks” (6 p.m. Thursday, June 12). Directed by Robert Stevenson, this 1971 musical film was produced by Walt Disney Productions. It combines live action with animation, similar to Mary Poppins, and is set in the streets of London. Come and enjoy a laid-back family night at the library with free popcorn and snacks. All ages are welcome.

Another event that’s sure to capture local and visitor interest is the slideshow by Louis Tyler about his time spent in Saudi Arabia (6 p.m. Thursday, July 16). He and his wife Nona spent almost 30 years living in the Middle East, and were deeply immersed in the Saudi Arabian culture. Louis will touch on the history of the area, along with topics such as education, how women were treated, and what people wore. Nona will provide Middle Eastern snacks.

“I’m also open to ideas, so if someone comes to me with an idea for a program or topic, I like to offer the library as a type of venue for that,” Miller said.

Kremmling Library

The Kremmling Library has a diverse and active offering of adult programs that reflect the Grand County Library District’s goal of providing convenient and universal access to quality information resources while involving and enriching the community.

The Kremmling Library’s programs cater to the specific community needs of the Kremmling area.

For instance, the Kremmling Library has special programs various Tuesday nights at 6 p.m. said Glyn Sheppard, the Branch Librarian in Kremmling. Sheppard sees the library as a way to brighten a person’s life.

“Adults need to play more,” she said. “Get out to your local library and join in! Meet your neighbors while doing something interesting. Escape from your stresses for a moment, lift your burden and make your life better.

“Many volunteer opportunities are also available,” she said. “An example would keeping up the flower gardens at the library for your entire community’s enjoyment. Read a book while sitting next to the outdoor water garden. Come in the library and borrow a basketball to shoot some hoops with your buddies.”

Some of the programs for the Kremmling summer include the presentation of Doreen Sumerlin’s Mt. Kilimanjaro adventure (June 10). Or learn about the Grand County Emergency Plan from Mike Stern of Grand County’s Emergency Medical Services Department (July 8). With pine trees dying by the millions in the Grand County hills, creating a large wildfire threat, this presentation could help you save your life and your home.

“At the request of Kremmling library patrons, movie nights have been extended into the summer months,” Sheppard said of the film showing at 6 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of each month. “The community comes to enjoy each other’s company watching a movie. They get out of the house for an evening, make new friends and delight in the children. All movies have been chosen for as broad an audience as possible.”

Also, book clubs will continue to meet on Wednesdays, keeping the continuity from winter with the hope that summer residents will join in.

Hot Sulphur Springs Library

In Hot Sulphur Springs Branch Librarian Lynn Shirley offers an easy-to-follow summer reading program for adults.

“I believe reading is important,” Shirley said. “I want to encourage people to read.

Even if they just read a paragraph, then I think that’s one paragraph more than what they might have normally done.”

Her program is easy to follow for moms and working families.

The Hot Sulphur Springs Library will also be offering its Christmas in July event, which allows the craft-minded people of the town to have some out-of-season fun making ornaments, cards and sample recipes.

And with an apropos summer twist, Shirley plans to host a presentation by a top-notch chef who will give practical instruction on outdoor barbecue methods. Watch for more information on this event.

Granby Library

“The summer is an excellent time to explore new skills, celebrate our community and meet new and old friends in the library,” said Granby Library’s Adult Services Librarian Stephanie Ralph. “Learn to ‘Surf’ the Web. Hang out with friends and listen to some live music. Get inspired and get organized. Join a book group and share your ideas with like-minded souls or develop a new skill.”

The programs for adults at the Granby Library have a little bit of something for everyone. Larry Smith has returned this year to offer a course on fly-fishing. Under his guidance students learn fly-tying, stream reading and casting and they will take trips to the river to try out their skills.

On the more serious side, the Granby Library offers a program with Karen Frye in which she teaches essential tips for organizing personal finances (June 23). Karen will return later in the summer to cover identity (July 21, 28).

For those interested in local history, Grand County author Robert Peterson is

scheduled to visit all the libraries in August to talk about his book “A Western Sheriff,” a biography of Mark Fletcher, a former Grand County sheriff. (Aug. 4). Back in the days when one man had to do it all, Mark Fletcher was a detective, policeman, and jailer and transportation department all rolled into one. He became Grand County’s longest serving sheriff and a legend in his own time.

Watch for library information giving details of these and other programs held at the Granby library.

So, Grand County grown-ups can enjoy the summer @ Your Library, where the living is easy, and informative and fun.

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