Health fairs in Grand County a good start but not complete answer |

Health fairs in Grand County a good start but not complete answer

Eric Murray / Voice of Your Hospital
Kremmling, Colorado

Hundreds of people attended health fairs recently in Grand County, but their good intentions are not well served until they apply the results under the guidance of a medical professional.

Dr. Barry of Fraser Medical Clinic congratulates the attendees for taking action toward personal health and encourages them to capitalize on their momentum.

“If you cared enough to attend a heath fair you are motivated to make healthy choices,” he said.

Those who had blood draws will soon receive results in the mail. This report will consist of complicated abbreviations and ranges of numbers. Even with a cursory explanation included in the paper work, people may become frustrated and not know what to do next.

According to Dr. Wagner of Kremmling Memorial Hospital, “Your physician can put the whole picture together by integrating your health fair results with symptoms that you may have been experiencing.”

Remember that having information and actually knowing how to use it are two different things. Attending the health fair was a good start. Now have a medical professional make sense of these tests, asses entire health history and make appropriate recommendations for your health plan.

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