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Heat? Grand County is lucky " you can’t beat what you don’t have

Janet Day/Talk of the Valley

Bumper to Bumper, Elbow to Elbow. Triple-digit temperatures in the Front Range have meant a packed Fraser Valley on weekends. Restaurants are crowded, lodging is full, shops are busy and traffic is heavy from Friday afternoon to Sunday night. But that’s OK. After all the complaining I did about the weather in June, it’s Denver residents’ turn to gripe while we enjoy comfortable days and cool nights made for sleeping with the windows open.

I spent the weekend heating up at Crankworx then keeping cool on the Pole Creek Golf Course. I don’t really golf. I drive the cart, buy the beer, look for clothing sales in the pro shop and generally provide comic relief. In spite of my being a golfing embarrassment, my out-of-town friends loved the course and the views. So did a couple hundred others who kept the carts and the new Bistro 28 restaurant’s patio busy.

Live up here long enough and it becomes easy to take what we have for granted ” the scenery, sunny days, cool nights and variety of affordable recreational activities. It’s hard for me to think of any other public golf course with such a stunning panoramic view. Being in the shadow of the Continental Divide and a ski resort makes that slice less painful.

Beetle Mania. My little idea last week to start an annual Pine Beetle Days celebration has gotten a surprising amount of support in this end of the county and elsewhere. I think it would be a blast to take what has been a negative, make fun of it and turn it into a celebration.

One reader pointed out that the county is getting global publicity about the beetle kill in publications like National Geographic and others, “so we might as well come up with a way to capitalize on that. There’s no such thing as bad publicity, right?”

A friend wrote that after spending a couple days in 100-degree heat in Denver, “the lovely brown of my ‘hometown trees’ looks better all the time. I drove in today, breathing a sigh of relief, thinking how lovely everything looks and smells.”

But I have no idea how to get started. If anyone in public office or in the festival-organizing business wants to step in and see if there’s a way to do it, I’m ready to help and bring along a couple dozen other people.

More to Come. This weekend should be equally busy around the Valley with the second segment of the 5th Annual Grand County Parade of Homes (time to get decorating ideas or just peek in closets of 20 different homes), the 11th Annual Winter Park Craft Fair and the 24th annual Taste of Grand County event at the Winter Park Resort base on Saturday.

Music Notes. Joan Shaw and The Uprights piano players may be single-handedly ensuring that future generations learn and love music. The group, which plays at Gasthaus Eichler on weekends, again has turned its tips into a scholarship for a local student.

This summer’s winner is Lily Daugherty, who got $350 toward music lessons and books. Lily is a violin student of Lynn Gamble, who teaches in the Valley twice a month. Lily, the daughter of M.J. Skelly and Ian Daugherty, is entering the sixth grade at East Grand Middle School, is active in 4-H and school sports as well as music.

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