Imagine this Grand County healthcare freakout |

Imagine this Grand County healthcare freakout

Eric Murray " Voice of Your Hospital

Imagine what your reaction would be if the hospital in Kremmling told you they no longer offer emergency care.

What if they announced to you on the phone that family practice medicine is no longer provided in Granby or Kremmling as you called for an appointment to have Dr. Wisneski see your sick child?

What if you couldn’t get that maternity check-up with the visiting OBGYN specialist? What if you couldn’t get your yearly mammogram at the radiology department or a cholesterol test at the lab?

Nope. You can no longer walk-in the Saturday clinic at Timberline Family Practice and get a blood draw, adjust your meds or get a throat culture on your only day off.

You can no longer have your fishin’ buddies drag you into the ER in Kremmling after snagging an Eagle Claw, Lazer Sharp, #14 Treble fish hook in your thumb. Nope.

Nadda. Nuttin’ here. Good luck with that. Hope yer tank is full of deezhul and duh roads ain’t tuh iced up fer yer trip to Denver.

This is the idea with Burger King’s new (and I might add ” brilliant) advertising campaign. It tricks a small population of consumers into believing that Burger King’s staple fast food product, the Whopper, is no longer offered.

As hungry Burger King customers walk up to the front counter or pull into the drive-through and order the best selling item on the menu they are informed that the Whopper has been “discontinued.” Then, hidden cameras capture customers’ bewildered, irate and “how dare they!” reactions for the rest of America to watch.

The parallel to local healthcare services hit me immediately when I saw the commercial. Even though KMHD doesn’t currently offer baby deliveries, heart surgery or cancer treatment it does offer the most needed and important standard healthcare services that people rely on and expect, (much like the Whopper). In fact, the U.S. government believes the same thing – that is why the hospital in Kremmling is designated for special financial assurances as a Critical Access Hospital.

Relax. The Whopper is here to stay and so is local healthcare.

A lot of people are working hard to not only keep it here but also to increase, improve and expand services. Every single day, as Grand County residents and their guests go about their lives, doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, certified nursing assistants, laboratory scientists, radiology scientists, other hospital staff and administrators work diligently at providing and securing local healthcare services 24/7 and 365. (See the Kremmling Memorial Hospital advertisement in this paper to read the complete list of services offered.)

People expect the Whopper at Burger King. People expect certain healthcare services in Grand County. I truly appreciate Kremmling Memorial Hospital and its family practice clinics. And for being there when we need them I am grateful. We should appreciate what we have while constantly working towards making things better and better every day.

” What do you appreciate about local healthcare? Share your thoughts about your local hospital and healthcare. E-mail or call me at (970) 724-3165.

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