Inell Harvey: What do you want for Groundhog Day " sunshine or clouds? |

Inell Harvey: What do you want for Groundhog Day " sunshine or clouds?

Inell Harvey
Heeney Hearsay

The winter’s frigid air and the frosty silhouettes across the snow let us know it’s still February. The sky is a lustrous violet blue, while the earth slumbers beneath exquisite white loveliness. Tomorrow will come with its thaw, but for now ” enjoy winter.

Groundhog Day is this Saturday, Feb. 2. The old adage is that if the groundhog sees his shadow on that day, he’ll go back into his burrow and stay there for six more weeks. So ” are we wishing for sunshine or for cloudy weather?

Ash Wednesday is Feb. 6.

There will be a new moon on Feb. 6 also.

This is Leap Year. So ” happy wedding anniversaries to all those lucky people who were married on Feb. 29. This year, February has 29 days.

Happy wedding anniversaries to Bill and marcia Wyatt on Feb. 2 (Groundhog Day), to Bob and Mary Beckner on Feb. 3, and to Bill and Tammy Adams on Feb. 5.

Happy late birthday to Sontona Stevenson of Kremmling, who celebrated last Sunday, Jan. 27.

Sympathies and prayers are with the family and friends of Bernice Overholt, who passed away last Thursday evening in her home in Clifton. A graveside service was cancelled Monday due to bad weather. A memorial service will be held on May 10 in Kremmling this spring.

Florence Schoff is recuperating well from her recent major surgery. However, she is now taking radiation treatments each week. Modern medicine is amazing. She is taking a pill a week, which does the same thing as if she were making the trip over Rabbit Ears Pass to a Steamboat Springs doctor each week.

“Silence is often misenterpreted, but never misquoted.” Barbara Johnson.

Dan Kinnison has been suffering from bad back trouble. His wife, Cheri, works in her studio “Nails by Cheri” doing manicures for this community.

“The best way to keep kids home is to make the home a pleasant atmosphere, and to let the air out of their tires.” Dorothy Parker

Pastor Doug Stevenson and wife, Ethel, continue to be missed in this community. However, Assistant Pastor Dan Canady and wife Charlene are performing their duties very well for the Kremmling Community Church and the attendance has not diminished. They continue to hold Sunday morning church services in the West Grand High School auditorium.

Show me a piano falling down a mine shaft and I’ll show you an A-flat minor.

A grenade thrown into a kitchen in France would probably result in Linoleum Blownaparte.

Finalists were announced Saturday for the first five places on the beautiful ice sculptures in Breckenridge. First place went to Russia and Alaska took second place. Tourist from many states are driving through Colorado to see these marvelous, large ice sculptures. Figures are on display from six different countries. Ice was provided by packing snow and water into railroad box cars. Cold weather in Breckenridge will allow these unique sculptures to be on display for at least two more months. It’s well worth a drive there to see them.

Car sickness is the feeling you get when the monthly installments come due.

A friend said, “Somewhere overe the rainbow ” that’s where the airline will find my luggage.”

Hooray for Bruno. He looks like a lovely, pretty brown poodle now, instead of a wooly little bear. (He’s Inell’s dog.) Heather Rooks in Hot Sulphur Springs groomed him Wednesday and made him beautiful with his “poodle cut.”

Inell’s second little dog, Saydee, was unhappy because she had to stay in the car ” so she locked Inell out. She pushed the door locks down with her feet. The keys had been left in the ignition and the spare key was in her purse in the car. It caused quite an uproar, but Heather Rooks called Steve’s Towing in Granby and Steve came to the rescue. Lesson: One never gets too old to learn. Never leave keys in a car ” even for a minute.

Blue Valley Ranch was especially kind to donate a large supply of meat to the Kremmling potluck senior group to be used for their Friday lunches. The group wants everyone at the ranch to know that this was very much appreciated.

A letter from former Kremmling residents, Bruce and Kathleen Sheehan, reports they and their seven children and families are all well and busy as usual. Bruce is employed in Chefornak, Alaska on the Bering Sea Coast, as a school site administor and is presently in his third year there. Kathleen remains in Commerce City ” a long commute.

Time waits for no one. To realize the value of four years, ask a graduate; to realize the value of nine months, ask a mother; and to realize the value of a week, ask an editor of a weekly newspaper.

R.C. Rawson is having a little car trouble (truck trouble, that is). However, he is able to do the repairs himself.

Happy birthdays are wished to McKinsey Flanigan, Jenny Smith, Pat Lynd, Chuck Pedersen, Lauren Perri, Donna Louann Martinez, Gwen Sells, Dayson Gosney (Inell’s nephew in Bayfield, Colo.), Emily Hester, Ken Belcher, Sanday Pedersen, Dakota Dorheff, Dennis Carpenter, Martha Wall, Denise Pulliam, Donna VanDenBerg (Inell’s niece), Sally Manguso, Rhonda Busse and to Jennifer Bumgarner.

The flower for February is the violet and the stone is the amethyst. It is a type of quartz, ranging in color from pale lilac to purple. The amethyst symbolizes sincerity.

Many people are busy preparing their income tax return at this time of year.

Faithful cook, Shelly Cecil, who resides past Blue Valley Acres on the Spring Creek Road, braved the morning storm to drive into Kremmling to make sure food was served in the Silver Spruce dining room. Some people thought the lunch would be cancelled, but Cecil made sure it was not.

You can’t turn back the clock, but you can wind it up again.

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