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Janet Day: Maintaining mountain priorities

Janet Day / Talk of the Valley
Fraser Valley, Colorado

Setting Priorities. This is one reason why I love living here: People’s priorities make sense to me, if not to some of the rest of the world.

Latest example? A note from Joan Shaw, the self-appointed “chief sorter-outer” for the Fraser Library’s annual used book sale. She asks that all residents, visitors and part-timers please donate their books for the July sale in the near future so that the volunteers can get the sorting done “before hiking season.” Nonetheless, the library welcomes donations at any time. Books can be dropped off in the front lobby every day of the week.

Helping Out. Our local economy is hemorrhaging jobs. Construction, restaurant, retail, resort ” they’re all cutting workers loose, and not just seasonally. The jobs that do remain are cutting hours and pay.

What to do about it? I don’t really know other than to encourage us to help each other as much as we can. Maybe the barter society I mentioned a few weeks ago needs to be made more public, more visible. I’ll get it started: I need to have a cracked windshield replaced and will trade writing, editing, communications or marketing services for it. Need a press release or an ad written? Have a college application that needs editing? I’ll do it for a windshield through which I can see clearly. Send me an e-mail and we’ll talk.

Take a Memo. Note to the van-driver who was speeding on upper Wapiti Drive last Thursday morning: The dog you hit survived. Next time it could be a child. Slow down on residential streets.

Memo to Colorado Adventure Park: I don’t know if your business increased from this advertising stunt, but papering all vehicle windshields at Winter Park Resort parking areas with your fliers last week created a lot of litter. Your papers were left throughout the parking lots, stuck in the mud, dropped on the roads or blowing around. Not cool.

Art Affairs. There’s a lot going on in our local arts world. No surprise there ” some new studies show that the arts and crafts business is one growing segment of the economy. That includes the newly unemployed who are turning hobbies into businesses, the families turning toward do-it-yourself projects and shoppers turning to arts fairs for products of quality and value.

Locally, the Grand Arts Center in Grand Lake held its Grand Opening (that’s a lot of Grand) last week and looks to be a great new venue. Circle H Retreat continues its popular Thursday night mixed-media arts events and has added a Friday Afternoon Club with a guest mixologist each week.

The Alpine Art Affair, one of the premier arts and crafts fairs in the state, is accepting applications through April 30 for the July show. Artists can find the application at http://www.alpineartaffair.com or email coordinators at alpineartaffair@yahoo.com.

Local artists not ready for a full booth are welcome to apply to use half a booth space at the event this year. Anyone interested in sharing a booth should send an e-mail to the coordinators. Non-profit organizations interested in booth space at Art Affair should also contact coordinators by email.

The fair provides scholarships to local students. Grand County high school students who want to apply should also contact the Art Affair by e-mail. The scholarship application is April 1, so hurry.

The next meeting of Art out of Thin Air will be held Thursday at Caroline’s Cuisine near Grand Lake. This meeting will focus on creating your own blog. Bring your laptop with files of photos.

” Keep in Touch: What’s got your attention around the area? Let me know. I’ll try to find the answer or spread the news. Send it all to JDayQuilts@msn.com

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