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Janet Day " Put some fun in fuddy duddy muddy May in Grand County

Janet Day / Talk of the Valley
Fraser Valley, Colorado

Muddy Buddies. Mud season starts for real now that the local ski season is over. Most of the valley population, it seems, heads to Mexico, South Padre Island or warm, dry mountain biking areas like Moab.

For those of us staying behind, it can be an ugly, boring, lonely time. But a couple of locals are hoping to put some fun in fuddy duddy muddy May.

A month’s worth of informational and fun parties for women only ” things like learning about organic clothing, wine, healthful living, even belly dancing ” are planned.

If interested in participating or if you have a skill or knowledge you’d like to share with others, contact sybil@winterparktravel.com.

April and Ken Hilton are wrapping up arts events at the Circle H Retreat near Grand Lake with a final Thursday night Audio Visual Event this week showcasing the talents of Middle Park High School students in the Fat Amber band and college-bound art student Wendy Ready. The final Thursday in the month will be devoted to an artists meeting with live music from Robert Canon.

If musicians want to continue playing through mud season, Circle H will continue the Thursday night events. If not, they’ll return in June.

Not one to sit back and wait for something to happen, Hilton is planning a Memorial Day weekend sale at Circle H. On May 23 and 24, she’ll be selling some things the lodge no longer needs and is offering space to others who have treasures to sale. Reservations for a spot can be made for $10 per day.

We all know how tedious sales can be, so Circle H will pump it up with live music, a barbecue and an open lounge for refreshment. For details, contact circleh@me.com.

If you really want to get out of here for mud season, contact the Winter Park Travel. They have some great deals for getting away to Mexico, Vegas or just a nice weekend in warmer-than-here Glenwood Springs.

Fast Talker. How much can you say in 30 seconds? That’s the amount of time Business Without Borders is giving its members for the “speed networking” event at its Spring Networking Extravaganza May 20 at Fontenot’s. The concept is like that of speed dating where you get to sell yourself, in this case your business, to prospective customers or clients in just 30 seconds.

Lion Around. Pay attention out there. I’ve had a couple reports of mountain lion sightings along the Tipperary Trail. And one or two big bear footprints have been seen in the mud and snow, particularly around Dumpsters.

Dining in a Dash. Look for Sherry Kent’s Drive-By Pie restaurant to open in the next few weeks in Granby. Her concept is flavorful dashboard dining ” anything that can be eaten with one hand, like when you’re driving. If the menu includes anything as tasty as her apple pies, it should be a hit. Also in Granby, I’m hearing great things about the food at Brickhouse 40 and am hoping to get over there soon for a meal.

Ahhhhh. Best feel-good deal of the month is the end-of-season “tranquility spa” $55 massage at Gasthaus Eichler. That’s an hour of Swedish, Deep Tissue or Hot Stone massage for about half what they cost elsewhere. Call 970.531.5898 for details or reservations.

Keep in Touch. What’s got your attention around the Valley? Let me know and I’ll spread the news. Send an email to JDayQuilts@msn.com. And follow me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/DayJan or http://www.twitter.com/DayDreamCrafts

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