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Janet Day – Tabernash Tavern makes lemonade from lemons

Janet Day / Talk of the Valley
Fraser Valley, Colorado

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign. What do you do if your business’s sign gets stolen? If you’re the Tabernash Tavern, you make a game out of finding it.

About a week ago, one of the restaurant’s signs with the iconic big black star and information about where to park was taken. No one noticed because they have so many signs directing traffic to the parking area in back.

But when Patty McCarthy, Janet Busse and others called to say the sign was a long way from home, along U.S. Highway 40 west of Tabernash, the restaurant decided to create a “Where’s Waldo” kind of contest.

The sign was brought back to the restaurant and will continue to be moved around. The person who spots it first and posts the sign’s location on the Tab Tav’s Facebook page wins a free beer, glass of wine or Chef’s Cup dessert.

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I saw the wayward sign at the top of the Meadowridge hill late last week. But by the time I got to the computer and logged on, I was five minutes late. Sue Castellion had beaten me. Jutta Oberle was the most recent winner, but I’m not sure where she spotted it since her post was written in German.

There seems to be a trend developing among those who spot the sign – they’re all women. Do we just notice things that are out of place more readily than men do?

Trail Trashed. Did the owner of the lot at the bottom of Brooky really have to clear-cut the property now? The work left knee-deep tracks in the saturated soil and sent piles of mud running into the adjacent wetlands and road. It also obliterated access to the Bench Trail. The large new “No Trespassing” sign made it clear that we’ve lost that access – and there are other routes to the trail – but the environmental damage is awful.

Speaking of trails, I’m loving my evening explorations along the Rendezvous trails and salute whomever built them. They’re raised, mulched and protected from erosion. There are even bridges over wetlands. I just wish there was a trail leading from the Hawk Trail up the hill to the red gate access to the Idlewild trails.

Read and Win. Most people who read I know are like myself – we read for enjoyment, to relax or to learn. The Fraser Valley Library is offering a way to get rewarded for reading. Just join the Adult Summer Reading Program.

To participate, pick up a bingo card from the library and read four books in any row or column. Return the card to the library by Aug. 14 and you’ll be invited to the Winter Park Winery on Saturday, Aug. 15, for a reception and a chance to win prizes that include meals, concert tickets and a massage.

Participating is easy because the choices aren’t specific books but genres: Historical Fiction, Mystery, Travel, Colorado Authors and more. The contest allows participants to rate the books as well.

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