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Kalkofen – Put kitchens at top of remodel "to do" list

Erica Kalkofen / Remodeling Today
Granby, CO Colorado

Remodeling a home is always a daunting challenge. From using the space correctly, to choosing the right people, to selecting materials, homeowners are often overwhelmed with the process.

As a Kitchen Designer, I have helped owners through many remodels. Each remodel is custom made for the individuals and the home. But, where to start and why?

Even though the economy is struggling, a home is the best place to invest time and money. Nowhere else can one expect the type of return on investment that is typical. If done right, a homeowner should be able to recoup most, if not all, of the remodel costs.

When deciding to remodel, I usually start with three questions: How old is the house? This is a good guide to knowing what may be behind the walls; the older a house is, the more likely that electrical, plumbing and structural work may need to be done.

How long are you going to be in the house? If a homeowner is going to be in their home for at least five years, they are more likely to gain from a remodel. Not only will they enjoy it more, but also the new owners will appreciate the upgrades. Conversely, if a homeowner is going to “flip” a house, then that impacts the product selection and budget.

What is the investment you are prepared to make? This question deals directly with scope of work for the subcontractors and the budget the homeowner is willing to accept. If a homeowner does most of the tear out, haul away and daily cleaning, then they could save quite a bit. However, if a homeowner wants a turn-key solution, then the budget will reflect the additional work.

If you, as a potential remodeler, have made it through these questions and want to move forward, then here is some food for thought.

First, it takes approximately two to six months to plan the remodel, including drawing plans, getting estimates, selecting products, and engineering the plan to a budget. Starting now allows a homeowner adequate time to prepare. Each decision and choice made now impacts the project throughout the remodel.

Second, remodeling a kitchen has a high return on investment, both monetarily and emotionally. Kitchens provide anywhere from an 80 percent to 100 percent return on investment (Remodeling Online and Reliable Remodeler, 2009).

When a home is listed with a new kitchen already in place, potential buys don’t worry about tackling a remodel within the first year of ownership. If a kitchen is warm, inviting, and functional, then the homeowner will like the space and will enjoy the house more while entertaining.

Recently, Sherwin-Williams had this to say about kitchens: “Kitchens were the heart of the home and where treasured memories were created. They are now a meaningful part of our lives again as we spend more time at home. Create a cozy place for new memories.”

Start now and enjoy the space for years to come.

– Erica Kalkofen is president of Erica Kalkofen Designs in Granby and a board member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

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