Kremmling mud season in March? No way |

Kremmling mud season in March? No way

Larry Ebersole / Kremmling Crossroads
Kremmling, Colorado

I remember the image clearly, a plump and juicy burger being flipped on an outdoor grill with wording about winter being over and we should get out and grill something. I swear it was a commercial but maybe I dreamed it. It was one of those moments of not being sure I was awake.

Stepping outside sure creates confusion, though, as it looks like, smells like and is messy like mud season. But it can’t be mud season in March, so I have to believe that the remainder of winter is lurking somewhere ready to reappear with a vengeance. Until then the grilling idea sounds good.

My prediction last week was right on the money and we had a great time at the Harlem Ambassadors game at West Grand High School. Almost as exciting as the game was the turnout by the community. A crowd of 600 or so filled the gym with plenty of applause and laughter. Our own Kremmling Cliffjumpers made a commendable effort despite the fact the game wasn’t quite as close as the scoreboard indicated.

I know that is a cliche of sorts but in this case the home team had an extra 40 points appear in their favor, but with no apparent protest by the Ambassadors I guess you have to let that kind of thing go. As the game ended and the Harlem Ambassadors left the crowd with a wave and “See you next year” I was excited about the possibility. With that kind of community support an annual game would be a fun tradition to look forward to.

This is the time of year that my wife’s family makes their annual ski trip to Colorado. I admit that some of the places they ski are outside Grand County, but her parents like to stay in Kremmling. I have mentioned in the past that one of the treasures of Kremmling are the Base Camp Cabins nestled near a stream down toward the cliffs. Both sets of our parents now skip any pretense of staying with us and request the cabins. A chance to enjoy staying there for a couple of days is worth a destination trip in itself. There is a link to the Base Camp Cabins on the Kremmling Chamber’s Web site that I would share with any of your out of town guests.

The Rocky Mountain version of spring is not too far away and one of the early community events will be the Short Stop Easter Egg Hunt and Coloring Contest. The Easter egg hunt will take place April 11 on the grounds around Cliffview Assisted Living Center and the Senior Apartments. On May 9 the Annual Chamber Banquet will take place at the Grand County Fairgrounds from 6 p.m. until midnight. The banquet is a formal affair.

Kremmling Days will take place from June 19 through June 21 and will feature the 9th annual Cliff Golf Tournament as well as food, live music and more.

It is spring break week for the kids so things are quiet for the local schools. They couldn’t ask for better weather.

Please continue to send items of local interest to Larry Ebersole at or P.O Box 564, Kremmling, CO 80459.

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