Larry Ebersole " A little sunshine goes a long way during a Kremmling winter |

Larry Ebersole " A little sunshine goes a long way during a Kremmling winter

Larry Ebersole / Kremmling Crossroads
Kremmling, Colorado

I have to admit that even though I have been stuck in a few snow drifts this winter I am enjoying it much more than last year. The difference is the sun, which has actually made its appearance felt in the mountains this winter.

In the 10 or so years we have lived in Colorado, hearing constantly about the legendary 300-plus days of sunshine, this is honestly the first year I feel like I have experienced it.

Fortunately, we are not dry and brown here in the high country as the Front Range is experiencing, but the warmth during the day is not to be taken for granted. When I think of last winter I just remember the never-ending gray pallor that seemed to blanket the Rockies. Funny how a little sunshine makes such a big difference.

Everyone surely remembers the hope and longing for something better as Annie and her gang held onto the belief that the sun would come out tomorrow. The West Grand Middle School Drama Club brought Annie’s story back to the stage last week in their performance of the musical.

My son was able to attend a special showing of the play, but all I could get for a review was that there was a lot of singing and dancing involved. I explained that was to be expected in a musical but his review would go no deeper. I will have to assume it was very good.

On March 8 at West Grand High School, the Mountain Valley Christian Academy will present a program about Hawaii. The Lu’au begins at 6 p.m.. with the program on our 50th state following at 7 p.m.. Tickets are by reservation only and went on sale March 3. Call 724-9604 for details and ticket information.

This sounds like a good opportunity to come in out of the snow for a while and spend some time in the islands.

The Thrift Shop should be in the middle of moving to their new location in Kremmling on the east side of the Town Square and 3rd Street. The reopening will be March 9. If you have donations of furniture and related items or would like to be a volunteer, contact Monika Cary at 724-2912.

We are a little more than a week away from Kremmling’s big game with the Harlem Globetrotter’s Ambassador Team. I remember seeing the Globetrotter’s as a kid when they would always play the Washington Generals team. Even though the players have changed over the years I am sure the level of fun has stayed the same.

The game will take place on March 10 at the West Grand High School gym. Advance tickets are available through the Kremmling Chamber and are a good way to save a little money. The event will benefit the Cliffview Assisted Living Center and the Kremmling Chamber of Commerce, so your ticket buys you a night of fun while contributing to our community at the same time. Concessions will be sold to benefit the West Grand Community Education Foundation.

” As always, please send items of local interest to Larry Ebersole at or P.O Box 564, Kremmling, CO 80459.

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