Larry Ebersole – This birthday actually counted |

Larry Ebersole – This birthday actually counted

Larry Ebersole / Kremmling Crossroads
Kremmling, Colorado

After a certain age it becomes easier to make a joke or other vague reference about your actual years on your birthday. My birthday was on Monday this week and I can say with a straight face that I actually gained a year this time round.

The truth is that I spent all of last year believing myself to be a year older than I actually was. My error was pointed out to me and I even confirmed it with a calculator. How is that for a birthday revelation? I guess any forms I filled out the previous year are somewhat incorrect.

One of our neighbors in Old Park had their dog run off last week. I hope I am just behind in the news but the last I knew the dog was still missing. He is a yellow Lab whose name is Doc. You can view a picture of him along with the contact information on the flier in the Kremmling Post Office.

I talked my son and some of the neighborhood buddies into searching the area on their bikes to no avail. I hope by the time this column runs Doc will be home. During the search we learned that another neighbor’s dog had been killed by a deer. Nature does not always play nice.

Though dogs certainly have their own charm, a panda versed in art of kung fu is something you have to see. I believe that this panda will be featured in the movie for the Family Fun Night in Kremmling’s Town Square Park. Along with the screening of the film there will be a game of bingo as part of the evening entertainment on July 24.

I know it seems like what we remember as summer weather has only started to show up in between storm fronts but August is coming on quickly and the 3rd through the 9th will bring us the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo. The main events include the various rodeo events, family day and the demolition derby. You can find the event schedule along with other details on the Kremmling Chamber’s Web site.

My parents have delayed their usual summer trip here due to my dad having surgery on what we will just call his sittin’ down muscles. I honestly did not ask for any information beyond that. Anyway it’s time for me to celebrate not knowing my true age so I am going to call it a column for today.

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