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Letter: Confusing socialism

Bill Hamilton, like many people, confuse socialism/communism with the type of social democracy we see in Europe and was laid out by FDR in his Second Bill of Rights 1941. Google it. These economic policies created the longest period of economic growth in modern times. It rebuilt Europe and the United States after WWII and even today these western democracies are still thriving except those like us who abandoned its principles in favor of Reaganomics.

The basic principles are a democracy of the people, regulated capitalism with a social safety net paid for by graduated taxation. Those countries that followed these principles thrived. Those that did not became third world.

But don’t believe me educate yourself Google, research, fact-check, better yet if you can visit these countries they are beautiful and have great food. A democracy needs well informed people to make the best choices.

Don’t be fooled.

Denice Everham, Tabernash

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