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Letter: Headwaters Metro’s lack of transparency an affront to public process

So, today I received a notice of the next meeting of the Headwaters Metro District.  It is on Saturday, May 30.  And, what I find, generally, on the agenda is a notation that says, “public comment will not be taken due to time constraints.” 

The Headwaters Metropolitan District is a Title 32 Special District under Colorado statute.  While public comment is required for public hearings, districts do not HAVE to allow comment from the public in their meetings if they so choose.

To deny public comment and participation is the antithesis of the push for public engagement in our towns, counties, and special districts.  It is akin to squelching our First Amendment rights.

And to say that it is due to “time constraints” is insulting.  If a public board cannot schedule its meetings efficiently enough to build in public comment, it is not doing its job.  In this case, it is a subterfuge for denying residents of Granby Ranch the opportunity to discuss amenities for which many pay.  It is suppression and poor form.

Can you imagine if you went to your town or county meeting and they did not allow you to participate? Headwaters is the same type of public body. 

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Every time the Headwaters board of directors conducts a meeting without public participation, it fuels the fire of frustration and anger from constituents.  It also creates a lack of support for any actions that occur in a vacuum.  People need the opportunity to question, vent, and challenge.  Civil discourse comes from openness and the exchange of ideas.  And those who serve the public good know this.  Or maybe some don’t. 

I suggest that if the Headwaters board members don’t like the heat, they should get out of the kitchen.  I respectfully request you consider resignation.

— Colleen Hannon, Granby

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