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Letter: I will vote no on Fraser referendums

To the Editor:

On Oct. 9, Clark Lipscomb’s Byers Peak Properties submitted a sketch proposal to the Grand County Planning and Zoning Commission that asked to build a total of 1,233 units in accord with standard county zoning, which includes 35-foot height limits and 30-foot setbacks, with zero commercially-zoned space.

That compares with what the Fraser Town Board already agreed to in the annexation/rezoning: a total of 1,897 units, up to 45 feet tall, with setbacks as small as 10 feet, and 180,000 sq. ft. of commercial zoning. That’s right, the agreement negotiated by our town is much worse in each respect than Clark’s opening gambit with the county.

This proves what we have known all along: the Town of Fraser did not negotiate the best possible agreement. We need to fix the agreement along the lines of what he has just submitted to the county, to provide protection for our town’s views, environment, and small town character. Fortunately, this is still possible. On the Fraser town ballots you should soon receive in the mail, please vote NO on Referendums 300 and 301.

Rick Edelson


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