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Letter: Short-term rentals should pay more

I would appreciate it very much if the Grand County Commissioners would significantly increase the fees for short term rentals operating in Grand County. We built in a residential community that is now filled with commercial properties functioning as a Motel 6 without the regulation or the taxes.

Please also consider limiting the number of days each year that a property can be used for short term rental – 30 days, 60? Those are reasonable compromises compared to the 300 days a year that my neighbor rents out his home to as many as a dozen people. The burden that these renters place on our trash removal, fish population and EMS support services far outweighs that of our neighborhood residents. I have spoken with my neighbors engaged in these commercial activities and a few have been responsive – vetting renters, increasing deposits to cover damage to our property, etc. Several of them, however, have expressed to me that they are clearing over $50,000 a year and have no intention of doing anything to jeopardize that income, even if it means the community as a whole suffers.

We would welcome the assistance of the county commissioners in resolving this issue!

Wendy and Kurt Engelmann, Grand Lake

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