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Lodge – Thoughts on the Moffat Firming Project in Grand County

Kristen Lodge/ Outdoor Adventures
Grand County, CO Colorado

A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it does otherwise. Aldo Leopold

I attended the Moffat Firming Project meeting on Dec. 2 at the SilverCreek Inn. I listened to everyone who spoke, and each comment made me feel like we all have the capacity to take a stand against something that is wrong. Taking more water from the Fraser River is wrong. We live in a harsh landscape; aridity and altitude create a fragile environment. We all must contribute to preserving what we have because once it’s gone; it’s gone forever.

I am in awe of the men and women who spoke out; who told their truth. I wanted to speak; however, I’m a terrible public speaker. Instead, I listened intently to all who were brave enough to speak, and wrote my public comment letter:

Dear Scott Franklin,

I am a resident of Granby, Colo. where I am surrounded by wilderness, lakes, and rivers. There is a herd of elk that spend the winter a mile from my home. There are abundant mule deer that live year round in the green sage-filled hills in Granby. As a newcomer to Colorado, I am trying to understand the diversity of life here, and I am reading every book I can find about preserving this landscape. I’ve learned that one change based on a simple, human decision can effect an entire ecosystem negatively.

I believe that if you continue to take water from the Fraser River there will be no more Fraser River. But there are other ramifications; where will the wildlife go? And on a personal note, if there is no more Fraser River, what will I tell my nieces and nephews when they come to visit from seacoast Maine? I’ve told them all about the rivers and wildlife where I live. Gracie, 10, will look at me and say, “Kristen, where is all the wildlife that you tell us about that wander around your house?” Coleman,12, will say: “Why can’t I fish in the Fraser River?”

There is place I go where I sit on an ancient rock and look down into Fraser Canyon where the Fraser River cuts through it. The Union Pacific railroad tracks parallel the river. It is one of the most beautiful scenes in Grand County especially when a train comes through the canyon while I’m sitting on this rock; it is a perfect juxtaposition of natural and human construct. Please don’t take that away.

Please consider the future of wildlife, recreation, and beauty in Grand County when you make critical decisions about water diversion.

Kristen Lodge

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