Marianne Klancke: Don’t meditate and drive |

Marianne Klancke: Don’t meditate and drive

Marianne Klancke
Sense of Community

Have you ever found yourself driving home from Denver and not remembering much about the sights, the sounds, the time, the trip? We have all done it, as non-attentive and dangerous as it may be. The question is: Where has your brain been? What place of thought or non-thought have you visited? Could it be that you are meditating?

Meditation, as a discipline, is to focus internally, letting go of the outside world. This is a delightful concept, except not when you are negotiating your vehicle over a mountain pass. There is much ado about the ancient practice of mediation and so there should be.

Not necessarily just for limber people who can sit cross-legged on a hard floor, meditation is more common than previously thought. We now know, by the marvels of electroencephalography, that meditation slows our brain waves to that larger, stronger alpha brain frequency experienced right before we sleep. Being on the brink between our wakeful conscious and our deep unconscious is a place of great mystery and equal discovery we all experience.

In our alpha state of mind (seven to 14 vibrations per second) we deactivate survival mechanisms and activate those areas of our brain that can support both passive rejuvenation and active contemplation. Related to the meditative state are lowered heart rates and blood pressure coupled with elevated immune systems and positive emotion. Through meditation, we can also tap into our intuition, imagination, and inspiration. I often dream up my best ideas, literally. My challenges are explored and inspiration comes to me in those waking minutes when I am not all together conscious. Consequently, I am an alpha addict and, in this, I am not alone. Thomas Alva Edison was known for his tendency to nap throughout the day, waking with visualizations of enlightening inventions (all puns intended). I suspect that his creativity may very well have been drawn from his hardcore alpha wave habits.

The definition of “meditate” is to intend, plan, ponder, and contemplate. In contemplation we consider our chosen point of focus or purpose with attention and design. I fully believe that Edison, a genius, was capable of intensifying his levels of intuition and of drawing upon degrees of imagination not available through the ordinary rate of conscious thought. I also believe we all are capable of this very act of alpha genius.

Whether you nap, walk your dog, take hot baths, hike, or bike, each of us can design our individual acts of alpha. Once you have reached this frequency of brain waves, you can simply stay with your quieted thoughts and be passive in your meditation.

Another option, once you are in full alpha-ing, is to purposely activate your intentions, your knowledge, and your contemplations. Specifically inject your visualizations, data, and emotions. Then what? Now you let your mind wander. Wander away. Let your imagination run wild to all of the places you choose to be and to those you have not yet even conceived. You might want to write this stuff down after the fact.

As a life coach, I support people to discover and activate their Best Self. By your individualized states of passive and active meditation, you can imagine, then, create personal excellence. Through passive meditation you can calm your physical arousal causing so many of our typical discomforts. With active meditation, we can relax our mind and use this level to realize and actualize inspirations both for our self and others.

Best Self brilliance shines in everything we do. As you focus internally, you may very well discover yourself having more and more to extend externally. Use your creative visualizations to influence and contribute to your community. Tune into your intuition to conceptualize new ideas, improve interactions, and inspire acts of progress.

Discover the power of your subconscious ingenuity and offer your thoughts and efforts to one and all.

This has been a public health announcement. Whether you call it meditation or whether you think you just space out on occasion, Don’t alpha and drive. Do, however, alpha and live a wonderfully peaceful, productive life.

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