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National Library Week @ your Library

Lauren Dilts
Grand County Libraries
Grand County, CO Colorado

Radios, television, and musical instruments were the most popular entertainment in the mid-1950s, not books. The American Library Association became concerned that Americans were reading less. So, in 1954, a National Book Committee was formed, and its goals were to encourage people to read, improve incomes and health, and develop a strong and happy family life.

Intended to motivate people to read, the National Book Committee organized the first National Library Week, held May 16-22, 1958, with the theme “Wake Up and Read.” It was such a hit that it was observed again in 1959 with the same theme. National Library Week has now been celebrated 52 years and counting!

What is National Library Week, you ask? It is an annual celebration of the contributions of our nation’s libraries and librarians. This year we will celebrate April 11-17 with the theme “Communities Thrive @ your library.” This theme exemplifies the Grand County Library District, as our branches are places for opportunity, education, and life-long learning for our community.

School, public, academic, and special libraries all participate in National Library Week but celebrate in different ways. At the Grand County Library District, the children’s librarians have been offering a Shoebox Float Contest and Book Jacket Contest for the past seven years. These contests are a fun way to get the imaginative and creative juices flowing. Some adults and parents join in on the contest too. The Shoebox Float Contest is for all ages.

For this contest, you must find a shoebox or similar size box, cover the box in paper, and decorate the top of the box based on a favorite book, character in a book, or scene. Be sure to put the title and author of the book on the side of the float. The Book Jacket Contest is for older kids. They create a book cover that summarizes the book, gives details about the author, and includes a front and back cover with the title and illustrations.

Once the entries are in, they will be judged, and one winner from each grade will be chosen. A root beer float party will be held at each library branch near the end of National Library Week. Winners will be announced and will receive their prizes at the party.

The due date for this contest is April 2, so pick out your favorite book, use your creativity, and turn in your shoebox float at your local branch. For specific information, or to pick up an entry form, please contact your local library. Happy National Library Week.

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