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Opinion | Letter: Column on socialism

Bill Hamilton’s column on socialism was a fun read. It was clever and entertaining, and that’s a compliment to his writing skills.

I hope, however, that readers don’t take his words seriously, for they are a caricature of the truth… not a general truth at all. Socialism can take many forms, and he has posed the very worst in pointing to Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba — all of whose stories are complicated by other factors (viz., despots, natural resource disasters, etc.) We naturally decline to be like them. We’re not stupid. But he might well have described other socialist countries which have enjoyed great success and are loved by their citizens — Sweden, Norway, Denmark, for example.

These Scandinavian countries have a long history of using social resources for everyone, and people who visit are struck by obvious signs of their effectiveness. Visitors observe no poverty, good health care for everyone, and a happy citizenry who have accepted for generations that they live together — that they are a community — that they help each other and accept their fellow citizens’ help. It is a social understanding.

And why does this work so well? It’s because the structure gives them security that allows them to live their lives knowing things are going to be OK. Who wouldn’t like that?

Carol Ehrlich, Grand Lake

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