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Opinion | Letter: Medicare for all?

This is in response to Felicia Muftic’s recent column on what the Democrats should run on in this November’s election. One of her points is that a majority of Americans support the “concept” of Medicare for All and thus MFA should be an issue to stress in the election. I am not sure how the poll question was phrased but implementing MFA requires details, not just a “concept.” At this point I see MFA as a feel good concept that unfortunately many equate to free health care.

During the June primaries our Congressman Jared Polis, ran adds stating his long standing support of MFA. I believe he indicated he had been a supporter for over 10 years. Based on his long standing support, I assumed he had some concrete proposal to implement MFA and I e-mailed him in June inquiring how he would address some specific issues I was curious about. To date, I have not heard back from the Congressman and, in fact, I recently sent a second email and still no response.

My concerns to Congressman Polis included the following:

Most current recipients of Medicare coverage paid into Medicare for 40 to 45 years before receiving benefits. How will you fund a system for millions who have never paid into the system or have paid for only a few years?

Coverage under Medicare is not “free.” Monthly premiums start at $134 and go up to more than $400 for high income earners. At $134, the monthly premium for a family of four would be $536 and since Medicare does not pay for everything, most Medicate recipients elect to purchase supplemental coverage that requires an additional premium.

Before you vote for a candidate because they support MFA, ask them to detail how they propose to move from MFA as a feel good “glittering generality” to a specific program that is paid for.

Steve Gregory, Grand Lake

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