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Opinion | Letter: Protection of Americans a prime responsibility

It was said in a letter to the editor by Ron Fischer of Fraser last week that, “Trump’s rhetoric, laced with half-truths and lies, are motivated to appeal to a handful of commentators on Fox News, as well as Trump’s ‘base.’”

Really? Fischer goes on to call Trump’s base, the 62-plus million who voted for him, hardly a “handful” or a minority. Trump promised to build a wall, strongly supported by ICE and Border Patrol, and he is doing his best to keep that promise despite the enduring efforts of the left to defeat all the positive things he has accomplished and will accomplish.

Protection of Americans is a prime responsibility of the government and president. Fifteen reasons for building the wall are avoiding/reducing measles, HIV, leprosy, tuberculosis, cholera, mumps, terrorism, crime, drugs, human trafficking, rapes and miscellaneous respiratory infections, not to mention the undesirable effects absorbed by our schools, prisons and hospitals.

Eliminating or substantially reducing these would be good for all Americans, not just for one political faction or another. The “crisis” isn’t “contrived” — it exists.

Democrats’ vacations to Hawaii and Puerto Rico during the government shutdown won’t solve this problem. Let’s fix it with loophole-free reasonable legislation that solves the problem once and for all.

Pete Peterson, Tabernash

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